Have you ever seen a pattern that’s close to what you want to make, but not quite close enough? I do that all the time which is why I love having ThermOWeb Stitch n Sew Pattern Material or Stitch n Sew EZ Quilt Block Sheets in my sewing room. I can trace a pattern using the pattern material or block sheets in the size I want so I don’t ruin the original pattern, then I make the changes I have envisioned.

Sew a Boys Vest and Tie with HeatnBond Interfacing

The ThermOWeb StitchnSew Pattern Material comes in a really wide size so it’s perfect for large pattern tracing or I love using the StitchnSew EZ Quilt Block Sheets for smaller projects. Plus, the quilt sheets can be run through an inkjet printer for even faster “tracing.” Both products are great for tracing patterns that you plan to use over and over!

To make this small vest and tie using McCall’s pattern number 6873, I used fabric from a fat quarter bundle by Windham Fabrics, Botany by Kelly Ventura. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to create more wonderful things with this fabric!

The original pattern for the vest was all one piece on both sides of the front, but I wanted to divide each side into two sections. When tracing the pattern, I divided the front pattern piece in two just below the arm opening and added 1/2” along the division on both sides to allow for the seam allowance.

What you’ll need to make this vest and tie:

ThermOWeb StitchnSew Pattern Material or
StitchnSew EZ Quilt Block Sheets
Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Adhesive
HeatNBond Fusible Interfacing – Light Weight
iCraft Purple Tape
Aurifil Thread, 40 wt
Oliso Purple Iron
McCall’s pattern number 6873
or see this FREE Vest Pattern from The Sewing Rabbit
And this FREE Tie Pattern from Vanilla Joy
Windham Fabrics, Botany by Kelly Ventura

Sew a Fashionable Boys Vest and Tie with HeatnBond Interfacing Instructions:

If you have a lightbox for tracing that’s great, but using a window with sunshine outside works, too. The iCraft Purple Tape has many uses for paper crafting, but it also worked great for holding my pattern and StitchnSew EZ Quilt Block Sheets in place while I traced. No residue left behind, and that purple color is definitely a smile maker for me! While tracing, this was the perfect time to make changes like narrowing the tie by about 1/2” in width.

When tracing patterns, be sure to add markings from the original pattern and note the pattern number and size if applicable. This tie was so easy to make!

HeatNBond Fusible Interfacing – Light Weight adds just enough stability without too much extra thickness behind buttons and buttonholes. Be sure to use a pressing cloth between the interfacing and the Oliso iron. I never grow tired of ironing with my beautiful Oliso Purple Iron!

Using Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Adhesive is a huge bonus when securing Velcro or buttons in their proper place before sewing. Apply the adhesive, let dry, and sew in place…easy!

Therm O Web has so many products available to make your sewing projects easier and allows you to be even more creative. I can’t imagine sewing without their products!

Now if there was just a product available to make little guys hold still for photos…


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