Live With Purpose Fall Mixed Media Decor with Deco Foil HOT Foils

by Heather Collins

As a mixed media artist I find myself often at a crossroads, do I use the items I have been given the “correct way” or do I experiment.  I tried with all of my might this time to use everything the correct, but then life threw a curve ball and I just kept trying to start and just couldn’t find the spark.  Then I was listening to a fellow crafter and saw they used some HOT foils using regular dies. That lit a fire in my soul and kicked off this new project. Hope it helps inspire yours too!

To start this project I heated up my Spellbinder’s Glimmer Machine and placed Brutus Monroe’s Fall Cutting Dies and let them heat up.  When it was hot I placed Therm O Web’s Chili Red HOT Foil face down onto the leaves and laid 1/2 a sheet of Brutus Monroe’s Not Your Mama’s Cardstock, placed both of my plates for the Spellbinder’s Die Cutting Machine and ran it through the machine.

I repeated this a second time with the Deco Foil Copper HOT Stamp Foil.  I pulled off the foil sheet and saved a few of the negatives from the leaves.  The impression wasn’t perfect, but I loved the distressed look of the leaves.

I had a bottle that I had picked up at Target’s Dollar Spot and put some copper paint on the front.  I also added a rub on phrase “Live With Purpose “.

Next, I tried a piece of lace around a piece of artificial flower that I had from a prior project.  I cut out a fox and pumpkin from a piece of scrapbook paper I had.  Then using the Decofoil Ultrabond Adhesive and added everything to the front of the bottle. Both the foiled leaves and the negatives from the foiling were added to the front of the bottle.  To give depth and a layered look I added some cardboard between layers.  Lastly, I added some crushed copper crushed glass.

Items Used:

Deco Foil Chili Red & Copper HOT Foils

Deco Foil Ultrabond Adhesive

Brutus Monroe Not Your Mama’s Cardstock

Artificial Flower

Scrapook paper and rub-ons


Cooper Crushed Glass

Glass Bottle

Spellbinders Glimmer Machine and Die Cutting Machine


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