4th of July Table Decor

Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas

With Fourth of July just around the corner, here are some ideas for setting your party table that will set off fireworks for guests!

Sparkling Stars Theme:


This design has three layers of plates, two white and the dessert plate can either be in red or blue. The blue-stemmed glasses can be of your choice: any size wine or even small margarita glasses that sit atop the smallest plate. Then blue-stemmed water glasses of the same design sit next to the layered plates with folded red napkins inserted into them. The centerpiece consists of three tall red, white, blue, (or black), candle holders with tall white candles and surrounded with six or seven small votive crystal candle holders with tea lights inserted in them. The table is then scattered with shiny, multi-sized red, white, and blue stars.

See it at http://betweennapsontheporch.net/tablescape-for-the-4th-of-july-welcome-to-the-96th-tablescape-thursday/

Uncle Sam Theme:

This table begins with a white tight-mesh table cloth accentuated with medium-sized red and blue star shapes made of wicker. The two-layered plates, one white, one red, sit atop a blue rounded wicker placemat. A white and navy blue striped napkin accentuates the plates and is tied with thin, silver triple threads. The flatware is a full red-stemmed set. Each place setting has a wine and water glass in blue with its own clear votive candle holder with a red votive candle inside. Instead of a centerpiece for the entire table, each place setting is accentuated with a miniature “Uncle Sam” sparkling top hat and three sparkling firecrackers which are positioned like logs, one atop the other. The plates are then topped off with a miniature Uncle Sam doll resting on the top layered plate.

See it at http://homemadeideas.org/top-15-july-4th-holiday-table-set-up-designs-cheap-easy-patriotic-party-decor-project/

Nautical Theme:

Nautical Themed Fourth of July Table DecorThis table setting is two themes in one with the nautical elements being presented in various shades of red and blue and accents of white. A smooth, simple white tablecloth sets the table canvas with a wicker or pleated beige table runner on top. The plates are two simple and relatively small white dishes that are accented with water-type glasses rimmed in blue. Each glass has a bottle of root beer inserted in them. The flatware is tucked into a simple cloth napkin, set atop the plate next to the glass, and then the napkin is enveloped in a small American flag. The centerpieces are three or four, depending on the size of your table, large lanterns in red, white and a pastel blue with an accent of nautical rope swirling around each of the bases. Each lantern is lit with a simple and small votive candle. To the side of one of the lanterns is a simple and smallish vase arranged with baby’s breath and a small-flowered red plant with crisscrossed American flags in the inserted in the middle of them.
See it at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/391742867570507521/

Daisy Theme:

Daisy Theme Table Decor fourth of July
This is a very simple setting that would work very well outside on a picnic table or for a Fourth of July breakfast setting. It consists of smaller white rectangular plates layered twice with a small, white bowl atop that would be perfect for a fruit salad. The napkins are cross-striped red and blue, (you can use one or the other), and folded over to the side of the layered plates. The wow-factor of this setting is in the centerpieces which are three or four smaller-sized round see-through blue vases filled to capacity with red carnations and white daisies with full green leaves between each bloom. Then, an American flag is inserted in the middle of each one.
See it at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AVtoa2sR3RdAUpUQ0drlT-lIavq5C3ebpD0szX7zbz0f8eRMaazBzqU

Elegant Picnic Theme:

This table setting can really be done indoors or outdoors because of its casual but classy feel. It begins with a plaid-style tablecloth of red, white and blue. The place settings are five layers consisting of entrée, salad, dessert and soup and side plate for the appetizer or other servings. Each layer is alternately red and white with the top and the smallest plate of a blue and white design. Folded into a square of red and sitting on top of these layered plates is a napkin with a wicker star atop. Each star is a different color for each setting; red, white, or blue. The flatware is red-stemmed and sits on either side of the plates, and the clear, water glasses are oversized and in a goblet design for wine as well. Next to each of the glasses is a blue saucer with a matching coffee or tea cup. The table’s centerpiece is truly the center attraction consisting of a large beige wicker basket filled with red geranium plants. Then, three American flags are inserted into the plant, each one of medium size.
See it at https://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fLkyr7mfDes/S_xFiQPmMGI/AAAAAAAAEYk/MEu6jsoq0TE/s1600/IMG_5222.JPG


Stripes Theme:

4th of July Table Decor
This particular table setting will have a full effect when done on a very long table. The focal point is the table runner which is a very bold and wide blue and white striped design. It would also look best with a white table with white chairs that have blue chair cushions or covers to match the shade of the table cloth stripes. The plates are single-layered and of a blue willow type design. Any vintage design will do. The flatware settings sit on either side of the plate, and a casually folded red cloth napkin sits on top of each plate held together by a napkin holder made of a simple wicker string with a shell attached. Blue-rimmed water glasses sit next to each setting and are turned upside-down in order to accentuate the rim on the tablecloth. In the very center of the table is a large, red lantern with a medium-sized candle in it. Accentuating the candle is a cascade of tea cups on either side of the lantern, (three on each side). Each tea cup sitting atop a saucer is filled with a bluish purple hydrangea that is overflowing out of the cup. If you have a ceiling or some sort of patio with a cover, this setting can be accentuated with a dozen or so round, paper lanterns of varying sizes.

See it at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/355502964318572146/

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