This skirt is really super easy and doesn’t require a pattern.  It is basically a bunch of rectangles.  The first thing you need to do is take a couple measurements.  You need the waist measurement and the length of the skirt measurement.  My daughter’s waist is 21” and I wanted it to be 23” long (plus 2” for elastic casing and hem).
Cut out 3 rectangles to your measurements, mine were 21″x25″.  Cut 1 of your rectangles in half 10 1/2″x25″ these will be the sides that you will sew your ruffles to.  Then determine what size and how many ruffles you want.  Mine are 5”x21″ and I have 3 on each side.  You could do 2 6” ruffles, this is where you make the choice.
Hem all your ruffle pieces and then ruffle the other end (I ran mine thru a ruffle foot for my Sewing machine.)  Evenly space your ruffles on your side pieces and sew them down.  Sew down your ribbon over the top exposed seam to enclose it.
Sew the ruffle sides to the front and back rectangles, making sure your ruffles are laying down properly.  At the top fold down the edge ¼” and then fold it over again 1” down and sew your elastic casing leaving a 2” gap to insert the elastic.  Insert the elastic and sew it together and close the gap.
Hem the bottom of the skirt, I used a ½” at the bottom.  Find some fabric scraps, apply some Heat N Bond and hand draw a little bird and wing or any cute little shape you like.  Sew down the 1/8” velvet for the legs.  Cut out and Iron the bird to the front of your skirt.
For fun I added the sheer box pleats to make it look like the bird was wearing a cut little ruffle skirt as well.
Thanks so much for reading my tutorial today.  Please leave a link if you make one of your own I would love to see it.

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