Hi! Chrissie here with two cards I created using DecoFoil Transfer Gel Duo. I absolutely love my Duo gel. Why is it DUO? Well, because you can add foil using either a laminator or by just applying pressue with a die cutting machine.  It has two options! And it’s great to use for flock!

Deco Foil Stencil Pal, 2 PK
Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo, 4 fl oz
Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets, Rainglow
Gina K. Designs Double-sided Adhesive Foam Squares 1/2 in, White
iCraft Removable Pixie Spray for Stencils, 3.8 oz
Laminator or Die Cutting Machine
Catherine Pooler Stencils
Newton’s Nook Stamp/Dies
Right at Home Stamps

Using DecoFoil Transfer Gel Duo is so easy! Simply place a stencil down on cardstock and secure it with either Pixie Tape or Pixie Spray.  Spread the Gel over the stencil (I prefer to use my Stencil Pal) and allow it to dry fully.  The dry time depends upon the humidity, so I let it sit overnight.

Once fully dry, place the foil onto the cardstock, silver side down. Then, either run through a laminator using a Craft and Carrier Sheet or run it through a die cutting machine. I chose the due cutting machine method.

That’s it! It’s so easy! Remember, it also works with flock! I just love the shine of the foil! And… I have a serious obsession with stencils, so I love to use the Transfer Gel!


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