TOW1Hello there!  It’s Lorrie here with a fun Deco Foil pretty wrapping for those back to school teacher gifts or for someone special.  I love coming up with unique ways to wrap gifts.  This project was super simple using Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive, Gold Deco Foil™, and a few other supplies.  Let’s get started:


Gather your supplies.

A simple paper brown paper bag, Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive, Gold Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets, a feather and some fun embellishments and stamps for that added glam.

suppliesLet’s start with the brown bag.  Easy peasy.  Using your favorite background stamp, simply stamp with black ink onto the bag.  Set the bag aside and grab your feather, the Deco Foil™ Adhesive and a foam brush.   Dab the brush into some adhesive and randomly paint the lower half of the feather.  Don’t go for total coverage, we are going for a very light random pattern.   Set aside to dry.  I have no patience so I grabbed my heat tool and helped it along, be careful though the feather will burn.


Once the feather is dry, but tacky to the touch, simply lay a piece of Gold Deco Foil™ over the top and rub lightly.  You can use your finger or a bone folder.   Peel away the foil and stand back and admire this fabulous piece of work.  You will be hanging gold feathers on everything. 🙂

DSC_0011Next up, let’s make our Thank You greeting.  This is so easy.  Simply use your word processing, photoshop or whatever software you like and create a Thank You.  I used a 2″ circle as a template, but any size will be fine.  Now print the sentiment with a laser printer onto black cardstock.  If you do not have a laser printer your local office supply can help you out with this step (note:  inkjet printers will not work with this method).


Once you have your sentiment printed with a laser printer onto black cardstock as shown in the photo above, cut a piece of Gold Deco Foil to fit over the sentiment.  You may have to turn the cardstock under a light to see exactly where the sentiment is.   Lay the Deco Foil™ (gold side up) on top of the sentiment.


Fold a piece of copy paper in half and place the sentiment and foil inside.  Run it through your preheated laminator.  Remove the foil once it exits.

Use a circle punch (or freehand cut) the thank you into a circle.

Now it’s time for fun part.  Grab a few matching embellishments and start layering.  Secure with a mini clothes pin.

Sometimes the packaging is part of the gift.  Have fun creating!


Lorrie Foil Feather Tag Collage

1 Comment on Absolutely Fabulous Deco Foil Packaging

  1. gail hunt
    August 22, 2015 at 2:47 am (9 years ago)

    This is wonderful! I love the idea of the feather and did not know that I could use my laser printer and laminator this way.

    Thank you!