In today’s world, we are all about recycling and reusing. Nothing beats stopping for coffee or your favorite “cuppa” while you’re out running errands or at work.

These “Java Jackets” will help keep those disposable jackets out of the landfill, and they are so much fun to make and use.

Java Jackets with HeatnBond Inkjet Transfer Sheets

No matter if you’re a “Disney Head” or just an excessive coffee drinker like I am, there is a jacket that is just right for you.

With a few supplies…

1 – 5” x 12” front fabric

1 – 5” x 12” backing fabric

2 – 5” x 12” pieces of HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece

HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets (optional)

HeatNBond®Lite  (optional)

1 hair elastic, cut in half

1 large button

1 sheet of quilters plastic template

Sharpie Marker


Coffee Cup Java Jackets

You will be on your way to creating your own special jackets. They are quick and easy to make and are a great way to use novelty prints, applique, or even customize them by printing pictures or messages using HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets . Start by fusing 2 layers of HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece to the back of your front fabric.

Quilt as desired. I recommend you trace the pattern onto a sheet quilters plastic template material, as it allows you to fussy cut those fun novelty prints with ease, as well as trace around it, for cutting out the jacket once it is quilted

It takes just 1/2 of a hair elastic to create the loop for a button closure. Once the front and back are stitched together, you will turn them right side out and give it a good press with steam. Hand stitch the opening closed and topstitch.

You can kick them up a notch or easily personalize them by adding applique, embellishments, or text to your java jacket. The sky is the limit.

If you want to add  a printed message or text, it’s easy to create a patch using HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets and HeatNBond®Lite

Download complete instructions and the free pattern below

  “Java Jackets”

With the holidays coming up, we are always looking for a little something for our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Wrap up a little something special for them all. I found 2 packs of 16 oz plastic reusable cups at the Dollar Store. Just fill and make someone’s day special!

You can dazzle them with a “Ghastly” assortment of goodies for Halloween.

Yes, there is a Java Jacket for everyone.

Especially my little Halloween divas!


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