pinwheel iCraft Deco Foil Gold HeatnBond Pinwheels Patriotic

Hi there!  It’s Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy, I’m so excited to have my first tutorial as a Designer for Therm-O-Web.

Summer is filled with bare feet, picnics, and of course the Fourth of July.

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The pinwheels are a super quick project that you can complete in a couple of hours that will look lovely at your Fourth of July barbeque or any other celebration.

Pinwheel Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil Gold HeatnBond Pinwheels Patriotic

This is completely a no-sew project, if you choose to use Heat n Bond® Ultra.  I like the look of a little seam around the edge, so I used Heatnbond® Lite Fusible.

Here is what you need for one pinwheel:

Pinwheel Thermoweb 15 3


1 Dowel rod
Gold spray paint for the dowel rod
2 – 6″ square pieces of fabric – I used scraps from my Watkins Star Picnic Quilt
Heatnbond® Lite Fusible
iCraft® Deco Foil™ Spray adhesive
iCraft® Deco Foil™ in Red
iCraft® Deco Foil™ in Gold
1 Button
Pinking Shears or Scissors
Hot Glue Gun

First, spray paint your dowel rod and allow to dry.  One standard sized dowel rod can be cut to make 4 to five pinwheels depending on the length that you want.


Pinwheel Thermowe 15 12

Second, iron your Heat n’ Bond® to your fabric. Then, remove the paper and iron it to the opposite side.


Next, prepare your work area to spray your fabric with the Deco Foil™ Spray Adhesive.  I used tape to prepare the area and to hold my fabric in place. This is what you fabric will look like after you are have sprayed on the stencil.

Pinwel Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil Gold HeatnBond Pinwheels PatrioticThen, remove all the tape and return to the ironing board where you will then iron the Deco Foil onto the spray adhesive. Allow the foil to cool for an hour.  Remove the Deco Foil sheet and like magic.  You have a pretty dazzling piece of material.  Trim your square, if necessary, I used pinking shears. If you choose to use the Heat n’ Bond® lite, make a seam around the perimeter of the square.

Pinwheel Thermoweb15 8

Next, it is time to cut you square so you can make it into a pinwheel.  You can either use a ruler and measure across or you can do like I did and use the corner of one of my quilting rulers.  Mark lightly with a disappearing fabric pen or a pencil will do. Pinwheel Thermoweb 15 7

Cut on the diagonal.  DO NOT CUT all the way across.  Leave  about an inch from the center uncut.  It will look like this.

Pinwheel Thermoweb 15 6


Apply a dot of hot glue in the center of you pinwheel.  Place the dowel rod along one of the diagonal cuts.  This will allow for the pinwheel to be glued in the center.  Hold and allow it to become completely secure.   Fold in the corners of your fabric.  Add a small dot of hot glue between each corner of the pinwheel.   I held it secure with another dowel rod, careful not to burn my fingers.


Pinwheel Thermoweb 15 13


Last, glue a sweet little button in the center of your pinwheel.


Pinwheel Thermoweb 15 11

Make several and enjoy a dazzling summer!!


pinwheel Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil Gold HeatnBond Pinwheels Patriotic

If you are interested in the pattern to the quilt.  You can find the pattern at Craftsy or more information at Sew Incredibly Crazy.


picnic quilt 7

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