Jen Chesnick- Tilly Top
Good Morning friends!  Jen Chesnick from here today to share a fun sewing project using Heat N Bond® Fusible Interfacing (Lightweight).  The pattern I used is by Brownie Goose.  You can find her on etsy HERE and the fabric is my Dear Stella Seaworthy Collection and I used the Mermaids and Pinstripe (inside lining) for the top.  Now if you check out the pattern this top is actually opened backed, but since I wanted her to get some mileage out of it, I modified it to be closed back.

Jen Chesnick- Tilly Top
I used our Heat N Bond® interfacing for the bodice of the top.  For a couple of reasons.  I like the heft it adds to the top, it helps keeps the shape of the bodice in my opinion!  Also next year I am going to add buttons to the back and I wanted the interfacing there for my button holes.

Jen Chesnick- Tilly TopJen Chesnick- Tilly Top - Back
You can see the back here.  I currently have hook and eye closures sewing into the back.  Then next spring I will remove those to add buttons.   To create the close back I followed the pattern but added an extra inch on either side of the back panel.  I also added an extra 12 inches of fabric to the skirt part of the top so it would overlay. I whipped up a couple of these tops at the same time and got them all ironed up with Heat N Bond!

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