Hello everyone!  It’s Kim Lapacek from Persimon Dreams.  I’m excited to share with you a fun way to create a fun effect on the Clip’n’Pincushion which was designed by Fabrics and Flowers UK.  The original pattern calls for you to use up your half square triangle trimmings to make a fun patchwork top which I think is brilliant. But I also wanted to show how you could add a fun little applique to make this Clip’n’Pincushion.

LOVE Pincushion by Kim Lapacek



Instructions to add the Applique

Follow the instructions in the Clip’n’Pincushion pattern to get all your materials prepared for the pincushion.

SEW Template

Download and print out the free SEW Love template from my Craftsy page.

trace letters

Trace the letters S E W (all backwards) onto the HeatNBond® Lite.  Trace right on the dash lines to complete each letter.

three fabrics

Choose three different scraps of fabrics – one for each letter.  Make sure the fabric chosen for the “E” contrasts significantly with the “S” and “W”. Rough cut around the traced letters and press them onto the WRONG SIDE of the three fabrics.

layout out SEW

Layout the letters “SEW” so they overlap and if you were to draw an invisible line around the shape you would see that a heart is made.

Lay a piece of Pressing Paper over the letters once they are in a spot pleasing to you and press with a hot iron to set the HeatNBond® Lite.

aurifil applique

Layer a piece of HeatNBond Fusible Fleece on the wrong side of the Clip N Pincushion top. Lay a piece of Pressing Paper down and press to fuse. SEW stitchedUsing Aurifil 2250, blanket stitch around each letter to secure them to the fabric.

Follow the rest of the instructions in the Clip N Pincushion pattern to complete the project.

SEW ClipNPincushion

Before you know it you’ll have an adorable Clip’N’Pincushion great for holding your Wonder Clips and your pins!  I truly think this is brilliant!

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