The holidays are soon upon us and let face it, the kid in us all wants Santa to stop in for a visit!

Santa Stop Here Garden Flag

Santa Stop Here

Make sure he knows you are on the lookout for him. This “Santa Stop Here” garden flag is 14″ x 27″ and has been designed, using the “Gray Bunny Garden Flag Stand”. It’s a nice tall 51” x 15” wide stand you can find on Amazon HERE for under $20.

Thanks to HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl, our flag is waterproof and weatherproof, so Santa won’t have any problems seeing it!

Start out by downloading the free “Santa Stop Here” garden flag pattern.

To make this flag you need these supplies

1/2 – yard dark blue background fabric

1 – 14 1/2” X 27 1/2″ backing fabric

1 fat quarter red, white and green for lettering, sign, and snow

Scraps of 2 different tans, gold, black, white, and dark red for appliques

HeatNBond EZ Print Lite and HeatNBond®Lite fusible web

ThermOWeb Pressing Paper or parchment paper

HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl

Chalk Marker

Applique Pressing Sheet

Foam brush or fine bristle paintbrush

Thread to match

Teflon Sewing Machine Foot


Santa Stop Here

The pattern is HeatNBond EZ Print Lite, friendly, but you may want to consider tracing parts of it on HeatNBond®Lite fusible web, due to the size of the stop sign. Once the patterns are printed or traced, rough-cut pattern pieces from fusible and fuse to reverse side of the fabrics, following the manufacturer’s directions. When cool cut out the appliques.

You will find complete sewing instructions in the pattern.

Santa Stop Here

Do you need a flag that is visible from both sides? If so, you will want to make 2 and sandwich them together, skipping the backing fabric. But if you are hanging it where it’s only visible from one side, you can add a plain backing, or even make 2 different flags, as I am doing. It’s best to apply the Liquid Vinyl to each flag before putting it together, as you need to press it when dry on a hard surface.

Once it is complete, paint “Liquid Vinyl” on your flag following the manufacturer’s instructions. I find that using a 2″ inexpensive paintbrush is the easiest way. It gives you great coverage and cleans up easily with water. You control your level of protection by adding up to 3 layers.

Santa Stop Here

Once completely dry, cover the vinyl-coated side of flag pieces with ThermOWeb Pressing Paper or parchment paper. Following the manufacturer’s directions press, making sure you do not touch iron directly on the vinyl.

May his sleigh be filled with all the love and special memories the season can hold.


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