I am trying to live more simply.  Live more in the moment.  To not worry so much and just…live!  Simply to live.  So many things to rush to, so many things to worry about, and at the end of the day, it just makes sense simply to enjoy the simple things.  One of those things is to take a walk and smell the flowers.  As a child I used to take walks for hours in the countryside I grew up in.  I remember stopping and bringing home flowers from my adventures and putting in one of the many vases my Mom had on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

Live Simply Mixed Media Flower Decoration

Created by Heather Collins

I found this unfinished wooden boot cutout at a big box store.  It just screamed for it to be a forever flower arrangement to be created.  To start the project I took Brutus Monroe White Gesso and did two coats.  Followed by a coat of plain acrylic paint.  I find that this makes the project have a clean surface that allows me to paint without the wood soaking in the paint and quickly fading.  Next using various paints I have in my collection I painted the flowers and butterfly portion of the cutout.

After using a heat tool to dry the paint I got to what I call highlighting my project.  I take a simple pallet knife and using various Rina K and Gina K Glitz Glitter Gels (Turquoise Sea”, “Iridescent”, “Hello Yellow”, “Orange Glow” and “Poppin’ Pink”) created Center’s of the flowers and on the butterfly to make a more 3D look.

Next using my Minc I foiled “Deco Foil Toner Card Fronts by Unity, Floral Background” with the “Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Teal”.  Then I used “Gina K Terrific Tape 1/2” and edged the inside of the boot.  Then just using my finger I laid and rubbed on the Deco Foil Transfer Sheet Teal.

Then using the iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive I attached the Deco Foil Toner Card Fronts by Unity, Floral Background”.  I trimmed the card panels down so you could see the outside of the “Deco Foil Toner Sheets Teal” peeking under the panels.  Then using a sponge I ink rubbed Brutus Monroe Surface Inks Oz and Cabbage.

To finish the project I attached a “Simply” word title once again with the iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive.  This project will hang nicely on my front door and always be blooming!

Live Simply Products

Gina K Glitz Glitter Gels Turquoise Sea and Iridescent

Rina K Glitz Glitter Gel Orange Glow and Poppin’ Pink

Deco Foil Toner Card Fronts by Unity – Floral Background

Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Teal

Gina K Terrific Tape 1/2”

iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive

Floral Boot Wood Cutout
Brutus Monroe White Gesso
White Acrylic Paint
Various color paints
Simply wood cutout