Want to make a quick Halloween costume that will last throughout the season and beyond?  HeatnBond Inkjet Transfer Sheets come to the rescue.  By creating printable images or graphics of your own and simply ironing the images to clothing, you can be anything you want this Halloween.

Last Minute Identity Thief Halloween Costume with HeatnBond Inkjet Transfer Sheets + Free Printable

Carla here from Creatin’ in the Sticks and I have to admit, some of my favorite Halloween costumes are the funny pun ones.  The ones like “cereal killer” with bloody cereal boxes or the “Spice Girls” with the spice labels.  One of the scariest things for me in these modern times is identity theft.   Combine scary and fun with this identity thief shirt.  This Halloween costume is so quick and easy with HeatnBond transfer sheets, you’ll be thinking of many other fun ways to dress up.

Stolen identity halloween shirt with heatnbond ez print transfer sheets by Carla for Thermoweb

Stolen Identity Halloween Costume Shirt

By Carla Henton at Creatin’ in the Sticks

Supplies for stolen identity shirt using inkjet transfer sheets for Thermoweb by Carla


HeatnBond® EZ Print Inkjet Transfer Sheets • For Dark Colored Fabrics

Pressing sheet (included in the package)

Inkjet color printer/copier

1- dark shirt (t-shirt or sweatshirt – this is identity theft, it’s not meant to be pretty.)

Scissors, Iron – (I love my Oliso Pro),  hard ironing surface, pillowcase or fabric to protect ironing surface, magic marker

2 or more – “Hello” name badges printed pages (below)

Hello Name badge for HeatnBond EZ Print Transfer Sheets for dark fabrics by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks

(click and right-click this page to save or print. Enlarge to fit a full piece of paper)

Last Minute Identity Thief Halloween Costume Instructions:

Step 1:

Print at least 2 sheets of “Hello” badges on plain paper.  With a magic marker, write names on the badges.  The example uses the characters from the tv show “The Walking Dead.”  Use different printing or script to make the labels look authentic.

Hello my name is labels with the walking dead characters by Carla for Thermoweb

Step 2:

Copy the first sheet of paper labels onto HeatnBond EZ-Print Transfer Sheet using an inkjet printer/copier.  Make sure the settings are the best quality for photo paper.  Do not reverse the image.  Follow the package instructions for printing and allow the page to dry for at least 30 minutes.  Copy the rest of the labels.

Step 3:

Cut out each label and plan the design on the shirt.  Pre-heat iron for 3 minutes to high setting with no steam.  Protect the ironing surface with fabric or Thermoweb recommends a pillowcase.  Place the shirt on the protected ironing surface and press out any wrinkles where the designs will be placed. TIP:  Slightly stretch the shirt over the ironing surface and place pins in the corners to keep the shirt from moving around.

Shirt smoothed and pinned to ironing surface for heatnbond transfer sheet

It is best to apply several of the name labels at one time in areas of the shirt.  Peel off the marked paper backing on the dark HeatnBond Transfer Sheet and place the printed labels face up in the desired position.  Cover the labels with the pressing sheet.

Ironing the transfers for identity theft shirt with heatnbond transfer sheets and oliso pro iron by Carla

Follow the package instructions for pressing and ironing times.  Peel off the pressing sheet after ironing and let cool.

Repeat in different areas of the shirt always covering the transfers with pressing paper.  Do not let the iron touch the transferred labels.

Stolen identity halloween costume with heatnbond ez print dark transfer sheets by Carla for Thermoweb

Put on your shirt with a pair of sunglasses and a stocking hat or hood and you are officially an identity thief.  Spooky!  Happy Halloween!


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