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I’m Lisa from Love to Color My World and I’m here today to share a tutorial with you to make a jumbo-sized checkerboard!
Quilted Checkerboard

Jumbo Checkerboard with HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl

My family loves to play games–board games, card games…you name it, we’ll play it! We recently attended an outdoor event where we played giant-sized games like Jenga and Yahtzee. I thought it would be fun to make a quilted checkerboard! By adding Liquid Vinyl to the board and pieces, we can even play it outside. I used a Layer Cake (10″ precut squares) of black and white fabric so I could have some scrappy variety for both the board and the checkers.

You’ll Need:
1 Layer Cake of black and white 10″ squares (I used Benartex’s Domino Effect)
1/4 yard or fat quarter each solid red and blue (I used Benartex’s Superior Solids)
1-1/2 yards black/white print for backing and binding
HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive
HeatnBond Fusible Fleece
HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl
Pressing Paper

My Supplies:project supplies

Click here to download the circle templates.

From the layer cake:
Cut (8) 10″ squares in half twice to make (32)  white 5″ squares
Cut (8) 10″ squares in half twice to make(32) black 5″ squares
Reserve (12) squares for making the checkers

cut squares
Cut each 10″ square in half in both directions to make (4) 5″ squares.

From the black and white yardage:
(4) 2-1/4″ x WOF strips for binding
(1) 42″ square piece for backing

From the Fusible Fleece:
(1) 40″ square piece
(12) 5″ x 10″ pieces

Making the Checkerboard

Step 1 Lay out the (64) 5″ squares into (8) rows of (8), alternating black and white. Here are the first four rows of my layout.Checkerboard layout

Step 2 Sew the squares into rows, pressing toward the black fabric.
Checkerboard rows

Step 3 Join the rows together, nesting the seam allowances so your seams align.
Nesting seam allowances

Finished Checkerboard quilt top

Step 4 Layer the backing right side down and adhere Fusible Fleece to it. Use basting spray to adhere the checkerboard top to the opposite side of the fusible web. Quilt as desired – I stitched straight lines 1/4″ from each seam line using black thread.quilt sandwich

Step 5 Trim backing and batting even with the quilt top. Use the (4) 2-1/4″ x WOF black and white strips to bind the checkerboard.


Making the Checkers
Step 1
Trace (24) of the smaller circle onto the paper side of the fusible web, leaving 1/2″ between circles. Fuse (12) circles onto solid red and (12) onto solid blue. Cut out each circle using pinking shears. Set aside.


Step 2 Fold (1) black and white 10″ square in half, right sides together. Trace the (2) of the larger circle onto the folded square. Layer the folded square on a 5″ x 10″ piece of Fusible Fleece and fuse to the bottom half of the folded square. Tracing the checker circles


Step 3 Cut a slit across the center of each traced circle, at least 1/4″ from the traced line. This is for turning the circle right side out. Cutting the slit


Step 4 Stitch around each traced circle (through all layers). Trim circles 1/4″ past the stitched lines. 


Step 5 Turn the checker right side out and press to flatten. Fuse a red or blue circle to the side of the checker with the slit, centering it. Fusing circle on the checker

Step 6
Repeat steps 2-5 to make a total of (12) red and (12) blue checkers.
Finished checkers

Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply Liquid Vinyl to each checker and the checkerboard and press to finish.
adding Liquid Vinyl

Adding Liquid Vinyl

And you’re done!Quilted checkerboard


Challenge your friend to a game of checkers! Good luck!

Playing checkers close-up


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  1. Sue Mac Donald
    November 10, 2021 at 9:59 am (3 years ago)

    I can’t wait to get my liquid vinyl, so I can make this project; this is so awesome! Thank you Lisa for posting this….makes an excellent gift!