Spider Web Shirt with FabricFuse adhesive and yarn.

Sometimes finding a costume that is both fun and functional can be a challenge. I love the idea of taking a plain shirt and turning it into a costume. In our area, it gets cold before Halloween (you can see the snow on the ground just yesterday!) so I chose to do a sweatshirt instead of a t-shirt, but you could do this on either. I decided to also make a spider bun for my tween and I am including the pattern pieces so you can make one as well, but you could always attach lots of small spiders to the shirt or the hair to make it gender-neutral.

Make a Spider Web Shirt Costume


It doesn’t take much to make this costume!

Creating the Spider Web Shirt:

Some tips before starting your shirt. It might be helpful to sketch out an idea of what you want your spider web to look like first. I like to use a toothpick to help position the yarn so it lays where I want it to. Cut shorter pieces of yarn as you go, to make it easier to keep the yarn out of the glue before you’re ready. I chose a central point for the web to radiate out from. I simply free-handed the lines and then placed the yarn on the lines of glue. Then, I started spiraling out the web from the center.

Once the web is completed, go back with your glue and seal off the ends of the yarn that were cut. I also added a small drop of glue at each intersection of yarn, just to keep it securely on the shirt.

It is such a fun, comfortable shirt. My daughter loves it! Which for a tween- is a huge compliment!

Spider Bun

If you want to make the Spider bun – just cut out the pieces from stiff felt. If your felt isn’t very stiff, you might want to glue two layers together. Fold your felt in half and line up the pattern pieces for the legs. Cut them out. Cut out the head and a small rectangle for the back of the head to hold a bobby pin.

Glue the googly eyes on the front of the head. Next, glue the small rectangle on the back- only glue down the short ends to create a loop to slide a bobby pin through.

Create a high bun. Use bobby pins in the dip between the legs to attach them to the bun. Place the head on the front of the bun. The legs might move around a bit- this is totally fine, this spider is meant to be a bit silly.

I hope you have fun making this super simple and comfortable outfit! XOXO

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