It’s that time of year! Time for all of our favorite treats to hit the stores and tempt us every time!LOL Guest Designer Daisi Toegel joins us today with an adorable Halloween project that not only is sweet to hold treats…but perhaps some Halloween decor too!

Read on for the supplies and how to make your own!

The materials used for this project are:

*HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl

*HeatnBond Pressing Paper

*(2) 7”x7” fabric squares

*(1) 7”x7” HeatnBond Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing

*medium size painting brush

*printing paper and compass to make the template

*paper scissors, cutting mat, fabric scissors, sewing machine, and quilting ruler.

Halloween Reusable Candy Trays

Make the template using one sheet of printing paper and a compass. First measure a 7” line horizontally on the center of the paper, mark the center at 3.5”. Hold the compass metal point in the center and trace the circle all around. Cut out your template and trace it on the two squares of fabric and cut out the fabric circles.

I am making 3 trays, so there will be many happy Halloween colors to play with at once!

On top of your cutting mat, lay one sheet of HeatnBond Pressing Paper and use tape on the four corners to hold it in place. Lay the first circle of fabric on the pressing paper and grab your brush and HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl to start coating.

Coat the entire surface of the main side of the fabric. Do it for both fabric pieces, do not coat the back of the fabrics. Let it dry for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, move the pressing paper from the cutting mat to your pressing station (or wool mat), lay the dry fabric with the main side up, and cover it with a second sheet of pressing paper (remember to always use the pressing paper with the shiny side up and if put on top to cover the project, the shiny side should be touching the main side of the fabric), iron carefully for 5 seconds the whole surface. Do this for both fabric pieces.

After pressing both parts it’s time to sew. Make a sandwich with both fabrics touching the main side (the back of both sides should be up), and on one of the sides lay the fusible interface and press.

Sew all around using ¼” seam allowance and leave an opening of 3” to turn it inside out.

Press the entire circle after turning and make small cuts around the circle or use pinking shears.

Now, press and topstitch all around to close the opening and finish the circle.

Mark the center both vertically and horizontally and from this mark trace a 1.5” down, this will be the guide to sew the sides. Make these marks and sew on the side you are choosing to be the outer side of the tray.

After tracing, clip each side like shown below, trace the line from the 1.5” mark to the top right beside your sewing clip, use it as a measure, or 0.5”.

Sew the four sides, remember to backstitch in the beginning and ending of the seams to secure, and it’s done!!!!

NOW THE COOLEST PART OF ALL!!!!!! It is absolutely waterproof!

Check the photos below, I filled my tray with water and dumped it, dry! Just one layer of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl was necessary!!!!

SECOND COOLEST THING: you can use this tray on both sides!!! Whatever you prefer, or if you get tired of the inner print, just turn it inside out! Cool right?

So, which side do you prefer?

I hope you have fun with this project, there are infinite possibilities to use it, and as shown below you can make several little trays for candies this Halloween!!! It is a reusable item, so what about some trinket dish? Or sewing notions organizer? School items organizer? Soooo many ideas!

Daisi Toegel – Quilter and Pattern Designer

I am Daisi, Quilter and Pattern Designer for both quilts and bags. I love the traditional and colorful styles for piecing the designs I work with but also love to use some modern details.

I have extra fun with foundation paper piecing and English Paper piecing.

Be sure to follow Daisi on Instagram and visit her website to learn more about her and her projects!



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