Hi, I’m Lisa Ruble from Quilty Zest and I’m here to share a little snowflake love. I live in southwest Michigan, so we get plenty of snow – in fact, we had 24″ in one day back in November, and another storm is headed our way right now!

I created these Flurry Pillows using a variety of snowflake shapes and appliqued them onto a tonal background for fun winter pillows.

Festive Flurry Snowflake Winter Pillows

These pillows are quick to make – the longest part of the process is cutting out the snowflake shapes!

Let’s get started!

You’ll Need:
1/2 yard gray tonal for pillow background
Scraps of 5-6 white and light aqua prints
HeatnBond Fusible Fleece
HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive
(1) 14″ long gray zipper
12″ x 16″ pillow insert


From the gray tonal:
(2) 13″ x 17″ rectangles

From the Fusible Fleece:
(2) 13″ x 17″ rectangles

Download the snowflake templates here.

Make the Pillow:
Step 1: Trace the desired snowflake shapes onto the paper side of iron-on adhesive, leaving at least 1/4″ between snowflakes.

Step 2: Fuse each snowflake onto the back side of an aqua or white scrap. Cut out snowflakes on the drawn lines.

Step 3: Lay out the snowflake appliques on (1) 13″ x 17″ gray rectangle and fuse in place.

Step 4: Layer (1) fusible fleece rectangle on the wrong side of the snowflake rectangle and fuse in place.

Step 5: Use a decorative or straight stitch around the edges of each snowflake shape if desired.

Step 6: Machine quilt the pillow front. I used a crosshatch design at 1″ intervals.

Step 7: In the same way, fuse the remaining fusible fleece rectangle to the wrong side of the remaining gray rectangle. Machine quilt (I used a 2″ crosshatch grid for the back).

Step 8: Square up each quilted rectangle to measure 16-1/2″ x 12-1/2″. Add a zipper and assemble the pillow back and front. Need a zipper insertion tutorial? Head over to my blog to find one!

Step 9: Turn the pillow cover right side out and stuff the pillow insert inside. And your pillow is done!

You can use this technique on a variety of pillow sizes and in a variety of wintry color palettes. I made a second pillow using (2) 17″ squares (for a 16″ square pillow insert), and cut all the snowflakes from white low volume prints to pop up a medium aqua background.

Happy pillow making! I hope you enjoy this opportunity to bring snowflakes inside!

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