It’s total panda-monium with these two twins, Jill and Jason Toddle. I’m sure they could find some mischief to get into! These panda bear quilts make the perfect toddler-size quilt at 25” x 36” (not including the ears and paws.) Using Therm O Web StitchnSew™ Fleece Sew-in High Loft for batting gives it a soft and light weight feeling, which makes it a sweet way to snuggle up and feel the love.

Panda Bear Quilts with StitchnSew Fleece by Carol Swift

Jason Toddle

Blend Fabric 5

Jill Toddle (she gets a ruffle!)

Blend Fabric 8

Jill and Jason Toddle Panda Bear Quilts, by Carol Swift at Just Let Me Quilt

Sewing these together with Blend Fabrics Panda-rama Collection by Maude Asbury makes them even more playful and adorable! The fabrics just pop with fun colors.

Blend Fabric 1

What you’ll need:

HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite sheets, 8½” x 11”

Therm O Web StitchnSew™ Fleece Sew-in High Loft/Batting

HeatnBond® Fleece Fusible High Loft

Therm O Web SpraynBond® Basting Adhesive

Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™


Oliso Iron (I think my purple one rocks and makes iron less of a chore!)

Aurifil Thread is perfect for smooth seams—White 50 wt Mako Cotton Thread was used on this project

Jill and Jason Toddle’s pattern and templates can be found HERE.

Panda Bear Quilt Instructions:
For quick creation and no tracing of the applique patterns, use your

For quick creation and no tracing of the applique patterns, use your inkjet printer to print out applique pattern pieces using HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite sheets. Load one sheet at a time into the paper tray. Sheet should be placed so printing is on the smooth side of the paper. Print quality at the normal setting and for plain paper. Allow 5-10 seconds for ink to dry.

EZ print lite sheets and printer

To fuse the applique to your fabric, iron adhesive pieces to wrong sides of fabrics with a medium heat iron, no steam. Press for 2 seconds. Repeat until all surfaces have been bonded to the fabric. Let cool. Cut out applique pieces. Peel off paper liner. Place applique shape, adhesive side down, on top of the project. Press and hold iron for 6 seconds on each section until the entire piece is bonded. Let cool. Sew around edges using a straight, zig-zag, or blanket stitch.

Blend Fabric 2

The Therm O Web StitchnSew™ Fleece Sew-in High Loft/Batting or Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft is great for using in the middle of the quilt and between the ears and the paws.

When using the fusible fleece, pre-heat iron to a medium setting with steam. Place rough side down on the wrong side of fabric. Cover with a light pressing cloth. Press and iron for 10-15 seconds, moving to new areas and slightly overlapping until all areas are bonded. Let cool.

Blend Fabric 3

Therm O Web SpraynBond® Basting Adhesive helps hold the Stitch n Sew Fleece in place on one side while you’re stitching around all edges of the quilt. Lightly spray and press wrong side of the fabric to the fleece. Smooth it out to remove wrinkles.

Now after the quilt is sewn you’ll need to turn it inside out and blind stitch the opening closed. An easy way to keep the seam together while you’re stitching is to use PeelnStick Fabric Fuse.

Blend Fabric 4

Shrinking the pattern can create a pillow, too…FUN!

Blend Fabric 6

Look at her cute ruffle and flower!

Blend Fabric 7

By adding a couple pandas to your life is guaranteed to bring a smile to someone!

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  1. Sherry
    May 16, 2017 at 7:18 pm (7 years ago)

    Jason and Jill Toddle are super duper cute! Thank you Carol for sharing your techniques and Therm-O-Web products that help make this adorable project. <3

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