Summer is an interesting time of the year for me.  It always brings me back to my childhood. Maybe it is because my kids are now getting to the point they don’t need me as they once did and I find myself remembering being their age.  My daughter is 11.5 and at this age I remember going to my Grandparents house during the summer for a special sleepover every summer. My Pap would watch the races and my Grandma would have special projects for us.

Zoom, Zoom Father’s Day Car Themed Gift Box by Heather Collins

We would always craft and go shopping. By the time time I was in 5th grade, I thought I would was too old for this special summer time. My daughter is now this age and tells me all the time that she ‘can do it herself’.  So I went yard sale shopping and when I was out I found a little car kit. I knew it would be the perfect thing to make a special memory box as a tribute to my summers with my Grandparents.

Zoom, Zoom Father’s Day Car Themed Gift Box Instructions

Luckily I had a box in my stash awaiting a special project.  I laid out the pieces of that car kit and ‘auditioned’ them on my box.  This is always a good idea before attaching so that you can play around with exactly where things work best.  When I was doing this, I noticed the car needed something under it. Luckily my girlfriend Lisa had given me some packaging material she had a few days before.  In fact she challenged me to find a special project for it. I tore it apart, layered it and bunched it up on my box.

Using the ‘Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium Jar 4 oz’ I attached ALL of the pieces of the car, tires, packaging material and so forth. I even found some metal gears and brads in my stash that fit my theme. This adhesive was perfect. Not only did it hold all of the pieces, even on the sides, but it dried fast and clear.  I did use a heat gun to speed things along. I also ended up putting some pebbles, stones and texture paste too.

Then I painted black gesso over everything. Again I used a heat gun so that everything could be dried thoroughly.

Next, I dry brushed some Sparks Paint in orange and bright blue.

Then using the iCraft DecoFoil Adhesive Pen I traced parts of the -iCraft ‘Deco Foil Crackle Stencil’.  I waited about 30 seconds then applied the ‘Gold Shattered Glass’ iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheet and simply used my fingernail to rub where I had used the pen. I also did this on areas I wanted to highlight on the piece.  Kind of like the sun was reflecting off of areas on the box.


Lastly, I attached screw brads in the corners of the box with the ‘Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium Jar 4 oz’ and laid some down on the top of the box under the car like a shadow and sprinkled gold glass glitter.  This box will be a perfect place to put some favorite treasures from days long ago. It would also be great for Father’s Day.

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Zoom, Zoom Father’s Day Car Themed Gift Box Supplies

Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium Jar 4fl.oz 

iCraft DecoFoil Adhesive Pen

Gold Shattered Glass’ iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheet

iCraft Deco Foil Crackle Stencil 

Other products used:

-screw brads
-gold glass glitter
-white box
-kid car and tool playset
-paint brush

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  1. Sharon Gullikson
    June 13, 2018 at 10:56 pm (5 years ago)

    I really think that Deco Foil makes everything better. I just learned about it from your posts, and have fallen in love. It is gorgeous.