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Hi, it’s Amy from During Quiet Time here today to explain how to make this appliqued, fully lined, cuffed Christmas stocking. I made this stocking featuring Hip Hop Holiday by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics.

To begin, please download the pattern pieces by clicking here. You will have to tape the four pages together but they are marked for you: upper right, lower right, etc. After taping together your pattern, you may wish to make a more permanent pattern using StitchnSew Pattern Material.  To do that, simply lay a piece of the StitchnSew over the paper pattern and trace the pattern lines.  Then cut the StitchnSew pattern.


First, using your pattern for the stocking body, cut 2 pieces for the outside of the stocking and 2 for the inside. I used this same white and silver print for all four. You can hardly see my StitchnSew™ pattern in the photo because everything is white, my apologies!  You will need one yard of fabric for the stocking body and lining.


Next cut 2 of the cuff pieces for the outer cuff and 2 for the cuff lining. Again, I used the same print here for all four pieces. Make sure you pay attention to the direction of your print. The StitchnSew™ pattern piece shows up more clearly here.


Sew the cuff pieces to the top edge of each stocking body, right sides together with a 1/4″ seam.  If you are using a directional print for your cuff it should be upside down at this point.


Fuse HeatnBond Lite™  to the back of several fabric scraps. Cut into 2 1/2″ circles using a template drawn with a compass or using a die cutter. In this case I used the Sizzix 2 1/2″ circle die. Arrange the circles as desired on both the stocking front and back. Remember that the top will be covered by the cuff so there is no need to applique there.


Once the circles are fused in place, stitch as desired. In this case, I decided to use my free motion quilting foot and stitch around each circle 2-3 times, not out of necessity but rather for the sketchy look.


With right sides together, matching the cuff seams, sew a 1/4″ seam around the outer edge, leaving the upper edge open. Do this for both the outer stocking and the lining.  Clip curves.


Insert stocking lining into stocking body with right sides together. Pin around the top and stitch leaving an opening for turning. Turn through the opening and then handstitch the opening closed. Add any trim you might desire along the edge. I used mini pom poms and found that it was helpful to use my zipper foot to attach them. Using a few handstitches, secure a twill hanger with a decorative button.


Happy Holidays!

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