Hello! It’s Stephanie from Sissy Belle Sews, back with another quick Valentine’s Day project! Last week I received a set of Nested Heart Fab Dies from Crafter’s Edge for my Crossover II fabric cutting machine. I couldn’t wait to make something with them. There are four cute hearts, all different sizes. The possibilities were endless with what to make.

I thought about a double-sided heart garland, little fabric treat bags, or heart-shaped cards. And, to tell you the truth, I might still make those yet! But the project that won was a heart-shaped flower appliqued on a hot pad! These were so quick and easy to make, I made two at the same time! If you want to make one too, follow along and I’ll show you how to do it!

Fabric Flower Hot Pads

Flower Hot Pad Supplies

Flower Hot Pad Sewing Instructions

  • For each hot pad, cut out one fabric heart and one heart from the HeatnBond medium weight interfacing using the largest heart die from the Nested Hearts die set.

  • Place one heart right side together with the bumpy side of one interfacing heart. Sew all the way around. Cut a small “X” in the interfacing and turn the heart right side out through the opening.

  • Cut two 3″ x 4″ pieces of fabric for the leaves. Fold the rectangle in half and press. Draw a leaf shape on the folded rectangle and cut it out. Repeat for 2nd leaf.

  • Using the cut out leaves as templates, cut pieces of HeatnBond Medium Weight Interfacing the same size. Sew all the way around and turn the leaf right side out through an opening in the interfacing as you did for the heart.
  • To make the stem, cut a 1″ x 10″ piece of fabric. Fold edges toward the inside and press.

  • Arrange applique pieces on one of your 10″ squares. Press in place. For the stem, pin in place.

  • Cut off excess stem fabric. Sew around all applique pieces to secure.
  • Cut a 10″ square of HeatnBond fusible fleece. Fuse to the back of your back 10″ square. Make a quilt sandwich with your pieces, and quilt all three layers as desired.

  • Fold one of your ribbons in half, and stitch in place to the backside of the hot pad.

  • Cut a 2.25″ x width of fabric strip of binding fabric. Fold it in half, wrong sides together, and press. Sew binding to the back of the hot pad.

  • Fold the binding to the front and clip it in place. With your machine, stitch in place close to the folded edge.

  • Press your hot pad, and enjoy! Make one for you and one for a friend, give them both away, or keep them all! They are sure to bring a little love to your table this Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for sewing along with me!


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