Do you need a little something extra to gift your children, a teacher, friend or neighbor this Valentine’s day? Or maybe just some new simple decorations? I have the perfect little fabric Valentine envelope for you, and they are so easy, you might find yourself giving them to everybody!

Valentine Fabric Envelope Tutorial


Prepare Fabric Applique Pieces:

  1. To begin, print the pattern onto the paper side of your EZ-Print Featherlite sheet.
  2. Next, cut out around each pattern piece, leaving a slight margin around each piece.
  3. Fuse to the wrong side of the fabric you want for that piece following package directions.
  4. Cut out the pattern piece along the lines.
  5. Remove the paper backing from the pattern piece.

Finish Envelope Piece Preparations:

  1. Fuse the fabric pieces to the coordinating felt.
  2. Cut out around the fabric, leaving a slight margin of felt around the fabric.
  3. On the Envelope flap, topstitch down the sides and around the point.
  4. On the Envelope front, sew down and up the notch with a topstitch.
  5. Add any embellishments you would like to sew down, in this case, I added a felt heart to the envelope front.

Finish assembling the Fabric Valentine Envelope:

  1. Place the envelope front on the envelope back, with the fabric on the outside of the envelope. Make sure to line up the bottom edges, the back is slightly taller than the front.
  2. Sew down the two sides and bottom with an edge stitch, be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching.
  3. Attach your ribbon or twine for hanging your envelope. I folded over the raw edge of the ribbon twice to give it stability.
  4. Add the envelope flap. Line up the flat edge of the flap with the top of the envelope back. Stitch down along the top edge. Backstitch when you begin and end your sewing.

Finish Fabric Valentine Envelope:

Add ribbon, pom pom trim, beads or any other embellishments you would like to finish off your Fabric Valentine Envelope.

Write a note, add some chocolate or candy, or just use it as a fun decoration in your home. I think you will absolutely love making these envelopes!

And, if you are looking for more Valentine projects to make for your home or loved ones, you might like this gorgeous Tassel Pillow, or these envelope hoops.

Have fun celebrating all those you love! xoxo, Amy