Today Designer Melissa Bullock has a unique Rosette Banner to add some fun fall touches to your decor.

Our Therm O Web iCraft products and Glitter Dust help add just the right adhesion and sparkle! Consider adding in some “FALL” letters to the banner or recreate with holiday prints for the upcoming winter holidays too!

Rosette Halloween Banner Designed by Melissa Bullock

Therm O Web Supplies:

Therm O Web 1/4″ Super Tape

Therm O Web 3D Zots

Therm O Web Glitter Dust Gold

Therm O Web iCraft 1.5″ Adhesive Dots

Therm O Web 1/2″ Sticky Lines

Other Supplies:

  • Paper Shreds
  • Chipboard shapes/letters
  • 3 to 4 yards of ribbon
  • 5 different sheets of patterned paper: 2 sheets cut into 3 strips 4″x12″, 3 sheets cut into 2 strips 3″x12″
  • Cardstock punched into 6 – 3″ diameter circles and 4 – 2″ diameter circles


1. Score the patterned paper strips every 1/2″.  Accordion fold the paper strips.


2. Attach the coordinating paper strips end to end until it resembles a lamp shade.  Be mindful of pattern directions!


3. Encircle two of the cardstock circles with 3D Zots.  Press the accordion folded circle down flat and adhere with the cardstock circle.  3D Zots are good choice for this step because they are very sticky and the thickness gets into the folds of the rosette and really holds it in place!  Place the second cardstock circle on the back of the rosette to stabilize.  Repeat until all 5 rosettes are constructed.


4. Spray the rosettes with Glitter Dust.

5. Attach a 1/2″ iCraft Dot in the middle of the rosette.  Peel off the backing and press down paper shreds.  Trim off any straggly ends.


6. Spray the chipboard shapes/letters with Glitter Dust.  Attach 3D Zots to the back of the chipboard pieces and lightly press it into the paper shreds.


7. Put a strip of Sticky Lines across the back of the rosette.  Off center it a bit so the Sticky Line is towards the top of the back cardstock circle.  Attach the rosettes to the ribbon.


Hang your new rosette banner then add some spooky accents and glowing candles.  Voila!  You’ve added some spooky Halloween fun to your home!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more ideas for decorating your home this time of year with Therm O Web!


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