This Sweet Doll Stuffy can be a fun way to brighten your day and be a friend for your wee one.  Make it personal with eye, hair, and clothing colors thanks to HeatnBond Lite adhesive.  Let’s get started.

Sweet Doll Stuffy

by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks

finished size:  10” tall x 12” wide


HEATnBOND® FUSIBLE Medium Weight Interfacing



¼ yd. flesh color (Doll Body)

1 fat quarter of pink (Doll body back, shoes, and shirt)

Scraps:  orange (hair), red (mouth), blue, black, and white (eyes)

Other supplies:

Pattern for Sweet Doll Stuffy– Sweet Doll Stuffy with HeatnBond by Carla at Creatin in the Sticks

Aurifil 50 wt. thread

Fiberfill (for stuffing)


Iron and pressing surface

sewing machine

sharp scissors

erasable pen

permanent marker

other general sewing supplies


Step 1

Cut out the pattern for the doll body, arms, and legs.

From flesh color fabric:

1 – body

4 – arms

4 – legs

From pink color fabric:

1 – body

Next, cut 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 doll bodies from interfacing.

Step 2

Follow the package instructions to fuse all the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the fabric pieces.

Step 3

Prepare the legs and arms. Trace the shoe templates on the paper side of HeatnBond Lite. After tracing, cut out each shoe leaving about ¼” around each shoe.  Use the package instructions to fuse the shoes to the wrong side of fabric.  Cut out the shoes on the traced lines.

Place the legs on a pressing surface, right side up.  Peel the backing paper from each shoe and place on the foot of each leg with the adhesive side down. Bond the shoes to each leg.

Where the shoe meets the leg, use a blanket or zigzag stitch to stitch across the top of each shoe.

The next step is to stitch the legs and arms.  Pair two legs with right sides together and pin. Repeat with the other leg and the 2 arms to make 2 sets of arms and 2 sets of legs. Stitch around both legs and arms.  Leave the ends open for stuffing.

Clip the seam allowance on the curves and turn each arm and leg right side out. Lightly stuff the arms and legs with Fiberfill. Pin the ends of the legs and arms, matching seams on the legs and stitch across the ends with a ¼” seam.

Set the pieces aside.

Step 4

Prepare the doll back.

Trace the doll back hair template on the paper side of HeatnBond Lite.  Follow the steps from step 3 to fuse the back hair to the interfacing backed pink body. Stitch across the bottom of the hair with a zigzag or blanket stitch.

Set the back piece aside.

Step 5

Applique the front of the doll.

The Sweet Doll Stuffy HeatnBond Applique template pieces need to be traced on the paper side of the adhesive.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tracing the patterns and bonding to the wrong side of fabrics.  The patterns have been reversed for you.

**TIP**  To prevent the fabrics from showing the background fabrics,  simply fuse interfacing to the back of the fabric before applying the applique adhesive.  The interfacing will just add another layer of protection from “show through.”

Cut out all applique pieces on the traced lines, peel off the backing paper, and place applique with the adhesive side down on the doll body flesh-colored piece of fabric.

The layout key is included in this pattern.

Bond the Applique Pieces to the doll front.  Following the package instructions, work in sections to press the entire applique to the doll front until the entire applique is fused.

Stitch around appliques

Use a straight, zigzag, or blanket stitch to stitch around each applique piece with matching Aurifil thread.  There is no need to stitch on the outside of the applique pieces that will be inside the seam once the doll is stitched.

Step 6

Stitch the doll together.

Mark the location of the arms and legs from the pattern. Pin the arms and legs by lining up the stitching on the ends with the edge of the doll body.  The toes of the legs should face the doll body.

Baste the arms and legs to the body 1/8” from the raw edge of the doll body.

Press the legs in place by folding ¼” of the body bottom to the back of the front. Press ¼” of the back of the doll bottom to the wrong side.

Pin the doll front to the doll back with right sides together, sandwiching the arms inside.  Leave the legs out and the folded part open for turning and stuffing.  Stitch ¼” from the edge around the doll, leaving the bottom open.  After stitching is finished, clip the curves and the neck area.  Turn right side out and push the corners out with a chopstick.

Lightly stuff with Fiberfill and slip stitch the bottom shut.

I plan to make a few little accessories for this Sweet Doll Stuffy soon.

Have a Happy (stay at home) Easter,


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