strawberry zipper pouch tutorial deco foilThere is something about strawberries that makes it feel like summer!  This fun zipper pouch is the perfect addition to your warm weather outings!  Pack it with little snacks for the kids, keep sunscreen and chapstick in it, or keep emergency items like sewing kit and first aid kit handy in the car.  If you know me, you know I love zipper pouches!  IMG_7063


Scraps of fabric for front of bag – I used Briar Rose, one of my favorite fabric lines ever
1/4 yard natural cotton/linen blend for outer bag
1/4 yard lining
Heat n Bond® Fusible Fleece
Heat n Bond® Ultra
Heat n Bond® Lite
Pressing Sheet
iCraft® Deco Foil™ Pink Melon Transfer Sheets
11″ lace trim
14″ or longer zipper
Strawberry Pattern

Begin by cutting the fabrics according to this cutting guide: (you will also use this diagram for piecing guide)

strawberry zipper pouch

Trace the strawberry and stem on the Heat n Bond® Ultra. (We also recommend using our NEW iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Transfer Adhesive Sheets)


Cut out the strawberry and iron it to the white 5″ square according to the instructions.  Let cool.  Peel off the backing paper.  Next take the Pink Melon Deco Foil and place it over the Heat n Bond® strawberry.  Place a pressing sheet on top of the foil.  Press for about 15-20 seconds.  I wanted a slightly vintage look so I pressed for a shorter amount of time. (for a full Deco Foil™ look…press for 30 to 40 seconds and then allow to completely cool before removing the liner.)

This makes it so some of the foil peels off.  Let it cool then gently peel off the remaining Deco Foil.  The picture below is the same technique but with a different project:


Trace the stem on the Heat n Bond® Lite.  Cut 1/4 ” around the stem.  Iron it to the wrong side of the green fabric.  Then cut around the stem pattern.  Peel off the backing paper. Position the stem.  Place the pressing paper over the strawberry to protect the Deco Foil.  Heat set the stem in place.  Top stitch around the stem.IMG_6822
Once the strawberry is complete, sew the fabric pieces together in the layout diagram.  Press the seams – DO NOT press the Deco Foil strawberry.  The bag front should measure 8″ x 11″.  Iron the HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece to the wong side of the bag front and the bag back.  Again, put a pressing paper over the strawberry to protect while fusing the fleece.  You can quilt the bag pieces or leave them as is.  Add the accent lace along the bottom seam.

To insert the zipper, follow THIS tutorial.  It’s my friend’s and it’s the easiest to follow, and it comes out perfect every time!

Super SWEET!!!!!