Celebrate Halloween with a fun patchwork fabric wreath. Carla from Creatin’ in the Sticks is on the blog today with a Halloween decor project using HeatNBond interfacing.

I just love making Halloween decor projects.  It’s the one time of year that you can just go wild with decorations.  Here is one of my favorites.  I’ve made this wreath without the eyes for fall, but it’s just a hoot to add the eyes with HeatNBond Lite to make a patchwork pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern.  Let me show you how.

Patchwork Jack Wreath

By Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks


CLICK HERE for the Patchwork Jack Pumpkin Wreath Pattern by Carla at Creatin in the Sticks for Thermoweb

HeatNBond® Medium weight Non-Woven Interfacing

HEATNBond® Lite iron-on adhesive

35 assorted 2 ½” squares of orange cotton fabric

1 – 14 ½” x 10 ½” orange cotton fabric (backing)

1 – 5 ½” x 9” green cotton fabric (stem)

2 – 2 ½” scraps of black cotton fabric (eyes)

Aurifil Thread 50 wt. thread #2150, #2882, and #2692, Iron (I love my pink Oliso) and ironing surface, erasable fabric pen, Fiberfill for stuffing, chopstick, sewing machine, 5” piece of narrow ribbon or jute for hanging, and general sewing supplies: rotary cutter, cutting mat, scissors, pins, etc.

 Please read through the complete instructions before beginning your project.

Sewing Instructions:

*1/4” seams are used throughout and backstitch at beginning and end to lock all seams.

 Step 1:

The first step is to print the patterns and tape the pattern together matching the dotted lines.

Next, cut out two wreaths and two stems from the interfacing:

Unfold the interfacing from the package and fold the interfacing in half so the fusible side is inside and the smooth side is outside.   Rough cut the wreath and stem patterns from the paper. Now, pin both patterns to the interfacing, printed sides up and through the two layers of interfacing.

Firstly, cut through the paper and 2 layers of interfacing on the solid outside line that is marked cutting line of the wreath and stem.  Secondly, cut the middle out of the wreath on the marked cutting line.

Step 2:

Layout the 35 2 ½” fabric squares in a 7 square x 5 square grid.

Stitch the squares as laid out with right sides together and ¼” seams to make a 14 ½” x 10 ½” rectangle.

Step 3:

Following the interfacing package instructions, fuse the 2 cut interfacing wreaths to the wrong sides of both the 14 ½” x 10 ½” patchwork rectangle and the 14 ½” x 10 ½” orange fabric rectangle. Bond the 2 stem interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the green fabric. Cut all the pieces from the fabric using the interfacing as a guide.

After the fabric pieces are cut out, stitch around the middle ovals ¼” from the edge of both wreath pieces. Stitch around the outside of the patchwork wreath 1/8” from the edge. Transfer the markings from the pattern to the fabric pieces.

Step 4:

Prepare the patchwork front of the wreath.

With sharp scissors, clip the seam allowance for the middle of the patchwork wreath up to the stitching.  The next step is to press the seam allowance to the wrong side of the patchwork.

Trace the eye patterns on the paper side of the HeatNBond Lite adhesive.

Follow the package instructions for tracing the patterns and bonding to the wrong side of fabrics  Cut out the eye applique pieces on the solid black lines, peel off the backing paper, and place the eye appliques with the adhesive side down on the right side of the patchwork wreath according to the picture.

Following the package instructions to bond the eye appliques to the patchwork wreath.

Use a straight, zigzag, or blanket stitch with black thread to stitch around each applique eye.

Step 5:

Prepare the Stem

Stitch the stem pieces with right sides together and ¼” from the edge of the sides and top.  Leave the bottom open. Trim the seam allowances and clip the curves.

Next, turn the stem right side out and push out the corners.  Lightly stuff the stem with fiberfill and stitch the bottom closed with a 1/8” seam.  Loop the piece of jute on the end on the stem as shown and stitch across the ends 1/8” from the edge.

Step 6:

Prepare the back of the wreath.

Repeat the process of turning the middle of the fabric wreath seam allowance to the wrong side by using sharp scissors to clip the seam allowance and then press the seam allowance to the wrong side.

Pin the stem to the right side of the fabric wreath piece where it is marked on the pattern.

Stitch across the stem 1/8” from the edge to hold it in place.

Step 7

Finish the wreath.

Pin the wreath right sides together, matching the stem and center marks and sandwiching the stem.

Stitch around the outside of the wreath with a ¼” seam, clip the curves, and turn the wreath right side out through the center.  Pin the bottom half of the center circle wrong sides together and whip stitch the around the bottom half of the center.

After it is stitched, stuff the bottom with fiberfill using the chopstick to help distribute the stuffing. Continue hand stitching and stuffing the wreath until the center is stitched and the wreath is stuffed with fiberfill.

Hang your Patchwork Jack Wreath and have a Happy Halloween!


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