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It’s Julia from Inflorescence Designs! I’m so joyful you are visiting today. This week it’s all about spring flowers!  So, for today’s tutorial I am sharing how I used Thermoweb’s Tricot interfacing to help create the amazing Coquelicot Skirt by Wildflower Designs.

The Coquelicot Skirt is an amazing design.  It requires no buttons, elastic or zippers and was designed with 1800’s inspiration for the pockets.

The name of the pattern is also perfect for this week because Coquelicot is actually “poppy” in French!


This skirt allows for the ebbs and flows of one’s weight shifting throughout the month making it comfortable to wear anytime.  The large pockets, which are hidden by a unique apron design, can fit even the biggest of cell phones, keys and snacks without anyone even noticing it.

The photo above shows the shorter skirt version A (but with version B waistband–below).  

The pattern requires one to use interfacing.  I used Thermoweb’s HeatnBond Medium Weight Tricot Fusible in black.  Tricot interfacing is an extremely versatile product that coordinates nicely with all types of fabrics. HeatnBond Medium Weight Tricot Fusible is great to have on hand for garment construction and tailoring. This product can be used with lighter-weight fabrics to give them more support or with heavier fabrics for minimal support.

HeatnBond Medium Weight Tricot Fusible has a grainline and is meant to be cut respective to the grainline of the fabric. It has two-way stretch, which is meant for knits, but can also be used with woven fabrics. It worked great for the Coquelicot Skirt waistband.

Thermoweb Materials:

HeatnBond Medium Weight Tricot Fusible Interfacing (Black)

SpraynBond Pattern and Stencil Spray


Coquelicot Skirt by Wildflower Designs Pattern

Tricot Fusible Interfacing and Pattern & Stencil Spray

When cutting out the pattern pieces I used SpraynBond Pattern and Stencil Spray. It made for easy cutting without all the pins.

I used the black Tricot Fusible interfacing since the background of my material was black.  You can also purchase it in white. The 20″ width was the perfect width for the pieces that needed the interfacing.  Since the interfacing is fusible it was even easier to use as it was bonded to the fabric.

If you are scared of garment making, believe me, I was and still am.  I love that I found the Coquelicot Skirt pattern.  It is a game changer.  Without the scarry buttons, zippers and elastic, the Coquelicot is a multiple make in my book.

On Wildflower Designs blog there is even a video tutorial and additional changes such as a ruffle bottom and side buckle hack.  Check it out.  If you have always wanted to make something for yourself but were too afraid to try this is the perfect pattern to take that leap. And since the design allows for fluctuations in one’s weight it makes it a perfect 10 in my book. One article of clothing that will always fit!

Thank you for visiting today!  Come back soon to see what else will be starting to bloom with Inflorescence Designs!

Starting to bloom by choosing JOY ~ Julia

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