I love adding simple touches to my holiday decor. It allows me to change up my home without a huge investment of time or money. This simple heart garland is so easy and looks amazing!

Simple Heart Garland Tutorial


Prepare Fabric with Stiffener spray

I love how the Fabric Stiffener makes the fabric so easy to sew and gives it the stability it needs to hang as a garland on its own. It is simple to use and really changes the feel of the fabric. You can use it to shape your fabric by shaping the fabric while wet and allowing it to dry. In this tutorial, we are going to use an iron to speed up the drying process and to create a stiff sheet of fabric perfect for our garland.

  • Begin by protecting your pressing surface. I used an old towel to absorb the excess Fabric Stiffener spray.
  • Make sure to shake the Fabric Stiffener spray well before spraying.
  • Spray the fabric and coat well.

  • Cover the fabric with parchment or Pressing paper.
  • Use your iron set to medium heat to press the fabric until dry.

Cut out hearts for the garland

  • Spray the back of the pattern pieces lightly with SpraynBond Pattern and Stencil adhesive.
  • Press onto the dry, stiffened fabric

  • Cut out the hearts.
  • Remove the pattern paper from the fabric hearts.

Assemble Simple Heart Garland

  • Sew the hearts together on your sewing machine. It may be useful to use tape or other markings on your machine to ensure the hearts are lined up and evenly spaced.

And that’s it!! It’s such a fun way to coordinate your decorations with projects you have already made using scraps of your favorite seasonal fabrics. The stiffener spray makes the fabric feel and work like paper while giving you the versatility and look of the fabric.

Happy Sewing! Amy

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