Hello everyone!  This is Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams here to share with you a great way that you can highlight your quilts with ThermoWeb’s Deco Foils!

The Promise of Spring Log Cabin Mini Quilt

The Promise of Spring Mini Quilt with DecoFoil®

DecoFoil can help make any quilt POP!  I used the lovely Blend Fabric “The Promise of Spring” by Cori Dantini to make a sweet miniature quilt perfect to decorate my home this season.   – Most collections by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics include a whimsical panel print  (12″ x 44″ panel with four characters highlighted) perfect for this “Panel Log Cabin” pattern!  Before you know it – you could have a mini quilt for each of her fabulous collection perfect for any event or season!IMG_5702

Project Supplies:

The Promise of Spring Instructions

the promise of spring quilt topFollow the “Panel Log Cabin” pattern to create a fun quilt top!  Now – it’s pretty cute, but I’m going to show you now how you can add just a bit more fun to it.

Let’s add some Deco Foil Accents!

draw the accents

First, lay a sheet of DecoFoil Hot Melt Adhesive  over the object you want to add accents to.  I don’t have the best lighting where I was working and I could still see the fabric images through the sheet.  Feel free to use a window or a light box if you’re having a hard time seeing through the hot melt.  Make sure the paper side is UP.
draw shapes

Here I decided to highlight some of the curves in the rose bud so I drew some rough shapes.

hot melt adhesive accent

Cut the shapes out and place them in the spots you want the DecoFoil Accents.

cover with decofoil parchment paper

Lay a sheet of DecoFoil Parchment Paper over the hot foil melts and press with a hot Oliso iron for 30 seconds.  Let the hot melt cool.

fused hot melt adhesive

If you think you’re ready for the next step – take a breathe, walk around the room, cut out a few pieces of fabric for a different project and let the hot foil adhesive cool some more.

Once the hot melt is completely, 100% cool, carefully peel off the white paper layer of the hot melt adhesive.

melon decofoil

Cut a section of Pink Melon DecoFoil out that is larger than the area you want foiled.  Lay it over the top, cover with a sheet of DecoFoil Parchment Paper and press for 30 seconds with a hot Oliso iron.

press with hot oliso iron

Once again, let the hot melt adhesive cool properly.  Once it is properly cooled peel the Pink Melon DecoFoil off.

decofoil accents

Repeat this process with all the areas you desire to add a fun DecoFoil accent to.

Spring Quilt

Before you know it – your quilt will have some fantastic metallic Deco Foil accents that will make people want to take a closer look and ask “How’d they do that!?!”

decofoil close up


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