Hello crafty friends! In my last post, I played a little outside of the box with these new Adhesive Transfers, and today I’m here to take it one step further!

I used the florals from the new Adhesive Transfers (IN STOCK NOW!), along with a Deco Foil Glue Pen and Enchanted Deco Foil Transfer Sheets to create this fun and pretty jewelry box. In person, it looks so delicate and high-end. Follow along to the end for extra photos and a video clip that showcases the shine a little better than the photos can.

Pretty in Pink Jewelry Box with Adhesive Transfers


Pretty in Pink Jewelry Box with Deco Foil Transfers and Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

Jewelry Box Box Supplies:

Brutus Monroe and Unity Adhesive Transfers

iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

iCraft Removeable Pixie Tape

iCraft Deco Foil Glue Pen

Other Supplies: Jewelry box that needs updating, bone folder, chalk paint and wax or some sort of sealer and paintbrush

Jewelry Box Step One:

Start by painting your jewelry box with chalk paint. I gave mine a base coat of white and then used three different colors and layered them with water as I painted. Blending paints in this manner can be very therapeutic and you can find many video tutorials showing different techniques.

Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Hint: I used an old jewelry box that I already had on hand, but any box from a second hand store would work – think recipe box, card box, cigar box, etc. 


Jewelry Box Step Two:

Next, cut apart your Adhesive Transfers so that you have each flower separate, and place them as desired onto the box. I used a bit of Pixie Tape to hold mine in place.

After you have them all placed the way you like, use a bone folder, fingernail or stylus to rub the transfer onto the jewelry box without moving the acetate. I bolded that part because it is the most important part of this project. If you allow the acetate that houses the adhesive design to move, it will smear your image. So use a bit of Pixie Tape as I did to hold them in place while you transfer the design. If needed, use a smaller stylus (as pictured) to get into any grooves or creases.

Finally, peel back that acetate and you are left with the adhesive image. Note that the image will be clear – you are transferring only adhesive, not a printed design (see bottom right picture below).

Hint: If any of your images does not transfer completely, simply use a Deco Foil Glue Pen to fill in any missing areas.

Jewelry Box Step Three:

Now comes the fun part – It is so satisfying to add the foil! Place a piece of Deco Foil Transfer Sheet over your adhesive image and burnish using the same bone folder or stylus you did in step two.

Carefully peel away the Transfer Sheet to reveal a beautifully foiled flower. Repeat this step for all adhesive images. I was able to successfully curl the adhesive image and foil around the corners of the jewelry box (as pictured below).

Hint: Use smaller scraps from past projects and don’t be afraid to move the foil position and rub again to fill-in any areas with no foil that are still sticky. 


Jewelry Box Step Four:

Let’s add some finishing touches. To mine, I added a sentiment from the Adhesive Transfers. The sentiment in question was meant to be paired with another word, but I was looking for something a little more philosophical. I added an ellipsis (…) after the sentiment using the Deco Foil Glue Pen and added it just under the mirror inside the box lid.

The handles on the front of the jewelry box are ornate but needed a little something extra. Using the Deco Foil Glue Pen and Foil Transfer Sheets, I easily added that finishing shine.

Give your finished piece a coat of wax to protect the painted surface and your project is complete.

  Hint: To get really thrifty, use up even the edges of the scraps you used to foil your flowers. These are the perfect size to add shine to the drawer pulls (see the last picture in this step).


I absolutely love how this project came out and could not be more pleased with it’s finish and shine. I hope this will inspire you to think outside the box and use those Adhesive Transfers in your stash in some fun, new ways!

Below are some additional photos as well as a short video clip.


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