Sewing costumes was a regular thing for me when my children were young, but there were times that we were throwing something together at the last minute. Having some of the ThermOWeb products that don’t require sewing would have saved my sanity a few times!

ThermOWeb’s new product, HeatnBond Ultrahold for Dark Fabrics, doesn’t need sewing and it is made for dark fabrics. These two pirates show off the applique on their t-shirts with quite the acting skills!

Pirate Applique Shirts with HeatnBond for Dark Fabrics

You can make your own pirate t-shirts with the iron-on designs below.

To get started, you’ll need a few things…


Heat n Bond Ultrahold for Dark Fabrics (no-sew), Thread, dark-colored t-shirt, heatproof applique sheet or towel, light-colored chalk pencil for tracing

1. Prewashing t-shirts are highly recommended

2. Using a lightbox or other light source (like a window), trace design on an adhesive paper liner. Purple Tape is great for holding up the design and iron-on adhesive on a window while tracing…no residue left behind!

3. Preheat iron to medium heat with no steam…do not use high heat.

4. Place iron-on adhesive on the wrong side of applique fabric with adhesive paper liner facing up.

5. Press and hold medium heat iron-on adhesive paper liner for 2 seconds. Repeat to ensure all areas are ironed and bonded. Let cool.

6. Cut out shapes. If desired, cut shapes without tracing a design.

7. Place a heatproof applique sheet or towel between the front and back of the t-shirt.

8. Peel off the paper liner. Place designs, adhesive sides down, on fabric. Press and hold for 8 seconds. Repeat to ensure all areas are ironed and bonded. Let cool. *Times may vary, so check to make sure all areas of design are bonded to the fabric. Several layers of fabric may require extra ironing time.

9. DO NOT SEW! This applique adhesive is made for no sewing and it may gum up your machine if you sew it.

Once the designs are ironed on the t-shirts, it’s time to have some fun with a few pirate props!

Watch for more fun ideas and ways to use HeatnBond Ultrahold for dark fabrics. You can find the “I Love Pirates” applique designs in a PDF format HERE.

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