I love the look of heat embossed images, but I am not such a great stamper. Did you know you can get the same look of stamped heat embossed images using Therm O Web i Craft?

You can cut an image using an electronic die cut machine (or any die cut machine or punch or hand cut) out of the i Craft sheets. I used a Silhouette Cameo to cut out a doily shape.

I was so pleased with how easy it was to cut the i Craft Sheet using my Cameo. Just place the sheet (with both backings still intact) on the cutting mat. I cut it on the heavy patterned paper setting and increased the blade depth to 4 and it cut every little detail perfectly! Next, peel one side’s backing off

and stick it onto paper. Once you have it where you want it on your project,

peel off the other side’s backing to expose the sticky shape.

Pour some embossing powder right on top.

Tap off the excess and it looks just like a stamped image with embossing powder poured on, doesn’t it?

Using a heat tool, heat the embossing powder like you would on a stamped image. I did not have any issues with burning the i Craft, but I was careful to only heat quickly and did not over do it. Finally, applied to my project…

A nice textured detailed embossed image without the stress of stamping!

🙂 Rebecca

Supplies Used:

Therm O Web i Craft Sheets, Therm O Web Sticky Dot Runner


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