Decorating our homes for Valentine’s Day can be fun and easy when using Therm O Web’s Fabric Fuse™ products. This No-Sew Valentine Pillow uses a store-bought pillow and goes together quickly. Of course, you can make your own pillow if you want to, but I love easy!valentine-pillow-1

No-Sew Valentine Pillow Using Fabric Fuse

Fabric Fuse comes in three different products: Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Sheets, Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse Tape, and Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive. I love that I can finger press my fabrics in place and they stay where I pressed them…sweet! The Fabric Fuse Sheets are great for a no-sew approach to attaching badges to shirts and the Fabric Fuse Tape makes a quick job of hemming pants or skirts. It’s washable, too!


Using the Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive for the rosette fabric flower made it a breeze to wind around and around the center knot. It dries clear so there’s no adhesive color showing anywhere that fabric might not have covered.

Valentine Rosette Flower Pillow by Carol Swift, Just Let Me Quilt

What you’ll need:

Heat n Bond® Fusible Interfacing – Heavy Weight
Therm O Web Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Sheets
Therm O Web Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Tape
Therm O Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive


Purchased pillow of any size or make your own
Fabric, button and/or other embellishments

One 3” x 5” strip of white fabric (for interfacing circle)

One 3” x 5” strip of Heat n Bond® Fusible Interfacing – Heavy Weight

One 3” x 42” strip of white fabric (rip fabric to create shaggy edges for rosette flower)

Twelve 3” circles of red print fabric (flower behind rosette)

One 8” x circumference of pillow of red print fabric (folded strip around the pillow)


Draw one 2½” circle on the smooth side of Heat n Bond® Fusible Interfacing – Heavy Weight. Lay interfacing, adhesive side down, on wrong side of 3” x 5” white fabric strip. Cover with protective cloth and iron using steam for 10-15 seconds. Let cool and cut out interfacing circle.


Place 2½” interfacing circle on protected surface, interfacing side up. Tie a knot on one end of 3” x 42” strip of white fabric. Place a small amount of Therm O Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive in the center of circle.


Lay knot on top of Fabric Fuse™ liquid adhesive. Allow to dry for 30 minutes or more.


Spread a small amount of Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive around the knot. Twist and wind fabric strips, pressing into adhesive as you go around knot. Continue twisting and winding fabric around knot until 2½” interfacing circle is no longer visible.


Trim excessive fabric from strip and tuck left over flaps under flower, securing with Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive.


Measure around the pillow and note the length.


Cut 1 red fabric strip, 8” x the pillow’s measurement. Press lengthwise into thirds.


Fold under ½” on one lengthwise side. Press with an iron. Place a small piece of Therm O Web Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Tape face down on folded piece in three or four places.


Remove protective papers and fold over fabric to other side. Finger press Fabric Fuse™ Tape areas to hold fold in place. No need to iron!


Turn strip over and mark center of strip.


To create the flower:

Cut a 2½” circle from Therm O Web Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Sheets.


Remove protective paper from one side of 2½” Fabric Fuse Sheet circle. Fold 3” fabric circles in half and then in half again. Place around adhesive side of circle with pointed end facing towards center and slightly overlapping each piece. Finger press to fuse and hold on circle. (This is the back of the flower.)


Turn flower over and remove the other protective paper from the Fabric Fuse circle. Finger press rosette flower onto circle. Apply Fabric Fuse™ Liquid if needed to secure rosette to flower back. Add button or decorative embellishment to center of rosette.


Cut a 3” circle from  Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Sheets. Remove protective paper from one side and finger press down over folded fabric making sure it does not show on other side.


Wrap fabric strip around pillow with fold seam facing pillow. Secure with a strip of Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse™ Tape.


Next remove protective paper from strip and finger press fabric strips together.


Remove protective paper from the back of flower center. Finger press in place to cover seam on pillow strip. Embellish with buttons or other items as desired.

No-Sew Valentine Pillow Using Fabric Fuse

That’s it…a Valentine pillow that is quick and easy no sew pillow with Fabric Fuse!