Don’t have a hot laminator but want to use ThermoWeb’s awesome new Maker Forte foils on your layout, I gotcha covered! Today’s layout was created using the DUO transfer gel with the new Gold Maker Forte foil to create the frosting on some donuts and other circular embellishments for this “Grad Dozen” layout.

Class of 2021 Scrapbook Layout with Maker Forte Foil

ThermoWeb Supplies;

Creating your circular embellishment and/or donuts is dead simple. Per the instructions; apply an even layer of DUO Transfer Gel through a stencil. Set this aside to dry for an hour. A FULL hour! Work on your layout while you’re waiting. Walk away if you get impatient. The gel needs to be clear and ever so slightly tacky. Make sure you wash your stencil with hot, soapy water as soon as you are finished using it. This will kill some time as well as ensure as clean a stencil as possible. Once the gel is ready, cut out some of your Maker Forte foil, sized slightly larger than the area where you have applied the gel. Place the silver side down, the colored side is out, facing you. In this case, the gold is out. GENTLY rub with the pad of your finger. Don’t compress if you want the “thicker” texture, like that of texture paste. It makes for the perfect donut icing! LOL! Peel back a corner and assess that all gel has foil, if not, set it back down and rub some more.

I recommend either Gina K double-sided foam tape or Ultra Bond to adhere to these newly foiled embellishments. They are a tad on the thicker side and are best secured to the page with a stronger bond like those found with foam tape or liquid adhesive. Any adhesive will work but the pop of dimension from the foam is a great way to add texture and dimension to your page.

This process video walks you through the creating of this layout, including the technique of applying Maker Forte foil using DUO transfer gel WITHOUT a hot laminator. It’s as easy as rubbing your finger across the dry, clear gel!

Thanks for stopping in today, be sure to swing by the ThermoWeb store and grab yourself some DUO transfer gel and Maker Forte foil!