Get your kids involved in today’s project!  My girls made their grandmothers a frame with flowers using 1 1/2 inch iCraft Adhesive Dots, Zots, and Glitter Dust.

The entire project took us only 60 minutes including paint drying time.  We found inexpensive wood frames at the craft store and painted them.  Then we built the flowers.

We started with a 1 1/2″ iCraft Adhesive Dot.  Then we placed the first layer of petals on top of the iCraft Dot.  After the first set of petals we used a Large Zot to attach the next layer.  And so on…


After the flowers were created we sprayed them with Glitter Dust.  If my kids are helping with a project there is no way we can complete it without Glitter Dust.  They love it so much!

Then it was easy to peel off the iCraft backing and stick the flower onto the wood frame!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Enjoy your weekend and I hope you are treated like a queen!

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