Hi all, Wendy here with a fun summer themed project. If you like mixed media, mermaids, and journals, have I got the project for you! Follow along below to see how I combined Metallix Gel, Flock Transfer Sheets, die-cuts, texture mediums, several forms of pigment and real sea shells/starfish to create this 3D journal cover which could be easily translated into a canvas or other piece of art. You will see two versions of this project (if you follow pics to the end of this post). After taking all of my pictures, I decided the netting was a little dark and I lightened it up a bit. Which version do you like better?

Mermaid Journal Cover

Mermaid Journal Cover Supplies

Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets – Blue Diamond

Deco Foil Metallix  -White Pearl, Aged Copper, Black Ice and Pure Gold

iCraft Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive 

Deco Foil White Foam Adhesive

Deco Foil Stencil Pal

Other Supplies: Journal cover, mermaid drawing or printout, circle die, scissors, stencil and modeling paste, foliage die-cuts, grit paste, seashells, pigments in various forms (Distress Crayons, alcohol markers, watercolor paints), patterned paper, drywall tape, and tissue paper.

Mermaid Journal Cover Instructions


Draw or print a mermaid shape and fussy cut it out of heavy stock paper and set aside.

Hint: Cut out a second mermaid (bodice only) and create a bikini top.


Cover your journal with patterned paper and create a bottom border using grit paste and add a fishing net made from drywall tape. Embed seashells into the grit paste.

Hint: In the absence of grit paste mix sand and modeling paste.


Using modeling paste and a Stencil Pal, stencil bubbles onto your journal cover and allow to dry. Once dry, paint ocean waves in shades of blue and white over the entire cover of your journal and allow to dry. Paint the grit paste (sand) in a tan color and paint the seashells white.

Hint: If you don’t have a bubble stencil create your own by die-cutting one.


Add base color to the seashells using a sponge or paper towel, dab White Pearl Metallix over the entire cover to blend the “waves.” Finish painting the seashells and set aside.


Cut a small piece of White Foam Adhesive the shape of the bikini top you cut out in Step One. Peel the release paper off the front side of the bikini top and press it firmly onto the Flock Transfer Sheet (I used Blue Diamond). When you peel it away you will be left with a beautifully flocked bikini top.

Die-cut foliage from cardstock and color to resemble coral and seaweed.

Hint: Die-cut a seahorse (I used the Tim Holtz mover and shaper die) several times and glue the layers together to create a 3D embellishment. I added a layer of modeling paste to the top to give it texture as well.


Cover the mermaid tail with a mixture of Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive and water and add layers of tissue paper scrunched up to create webbing. Allow to dry completely and trim around the edges.

Hint: In lieu of the tissue and glue mixture you can layer modeling paste and create the grooves using a paper piercer.


Scribble Distress Crayons in different shades of blue and green onto mixed media paper and blend using water (later I added some purple as well). Spread White Pearl Metallix over the Distress Crayon using a spatula or paintbrush and allow to dry completely.

Deco Foil Metallix Gel


Using a sponge or a paper towel dab Metallix Gel in Aged Copper and Pure Gold over the surface of the Distress Crayon and allow to dry completely to create the look of scales. Use this same technique on the end of the mermaid tail.

Once dry, die cut small circles from the “scale” paper. Use the circles to create a mermaid tail as pictured below.

Hint: I used a die that cut multiple circles at one time.



Use a gel pen to add detail to mermaid scales and die-cut embellishments. Adhere die-cuts and mermaid to the cover of your journal.


Enjoy your new journal cover!