Making little clothes adds such joy for me and Thermoweb has all the fusible tools to make garment sewing quick and easy.   This little dressy outfit sews up in no time and will make any little girl feel like a princess.  Sew it up with Blend Fabric’s Snowflake Waltz and your little one will become a dancing Snow Princess.

Little Miss Snow Princess Dress with HeatnBond InterfacingsLittle Miss Snow Princess Dress with HeatnBond Interfacings

Happy winter! Carla here from Creatin’ in the Sticks and this little outfit is sewn with both cotton and knit fabrics and is made with Simplicity pattern #8304.  HeatnBond interfacings make all the hemming and appliques a cinch.  Here are a few of the ways you can make the most of these fusible tools.

Snow Princess Dress Supplies:

Thermoweb supplies for making a snow princess dress by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks

HeatnBond® Soft Stretch™ LITE

HeatnBond® Soft Stretch™ LITE 5/8” x ’10’ roll

HeatnBond Fusible Lightweight Non-woven Interfacing

HeatnBond® Lite  Iron-on Adhesive

Blend Fabric’s Snowflake Waltz  1 yard of Land of Snow Blue and 1/6 yard of Clara White.

1 yard of white knit fabric

Aurifil thread:  50 wt.  #2024

Simplicity pattern #8304 (aka Special edition for 90th anniversary – D0859)

Iron: (I love my Oliso Pro)

general sewing supplies:  scissors, pins, sewing machine, etc.

Little Miss Snow Princess Dress Instructions and Tips:

First, prepare the fabric by washing and drying it gently.  The knit fabric is easier to work with if it is pressed with starch.

Next, cut out the patterns.  The sleeves and leggings are cut from the knit fabric and the dress from the Land of Snow Blue fabric.

Soft Stretch Lite for heart sleeves on Snow Princess dress by carla for Thermoweb

Prepare the appliques for the sleeves by first tracing the hearts on the paper side of HeatnBond® Soft Stretch™ LITE, fusing to the wrong side of fabric, cutting the hearts out, and bonding to the knit sleeves.  Zigzag around the hearts with Aurifil thread:  50 wt. #2024.

Heatnbond lite applique Clair to snow princess dress by Carla for Thermoweb

The Clair applique on the front of the dress is super simple.

applying heatnbond lite to blend fabric for applique by Carla at Creatin in the sticks

Just fuse HeatnBond® Lite iron on adhesive to the back of the fabric and cut one of the girls out.  The next step is to find the center of the front and bond the applique following the package instructions.  A blanket or zigzag stitch around the girl will finish the front bodice.

Heatnbond soft stretch for hems on knit leggings and waistband by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks

HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ LITE 5/8” x ’10’ roll makes hemming knit fabrics so easy.  Just press it to the edge of the knit fabric, peel off the paper, fold it up, press it following the package instructions, and stitch with a stretch stitch.  The waistband on the leggings was prepared the same way as the hems, just leave an opening to put the elastic in the casing.

Heatnbond interfacing for buttons and button holes by carla for Thermoweb

Lastly, HeatnBond Fusible light weight non-woven interfacing provides just the right amount of stabilization for the buttons and buttonholes.  Especially for a little one’s clothing where softness is so important.

May your dreams be filled with dancing snowflakes.


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  1. Ariana
    February 25, 2018 at 12:15 pm (6 years ago)

    Hi! This is going to sound crazy, but the model on that pack is my friends daughter. Shes been to every Hobby lobby to purchase the pack and they were all taken down. Do you still happen to have the packing from the Simplicity pattern?

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 at 12:26 pm (6 years ago)

      Hi! We sent you an email about this and are waiting for your reply. Best to you!