Bikini GraphicToday is Bikini Day! Every year on this day, July 5th, bikinis of all types and sizes are worn to celebrate its invention in 1946 by Louis Reard, a Parisian fashion designer. No, no, no, you will not be seeing me out on the beach in an itty bitty bikini today, but here’s one for a little girl to wear. It’s made from a pattern by Ruby Jean’s Closet called “Gidgit” and the fabrics are from the Just Another Walk in the Woods line by Moda.

bikini day

Bikini Day, Carol Swift, Just Let Me Quilt

When I’m sewing I look for products that make my work faster and easier like 5/8” Heat n Bond Lite iron-on adhesive and Heat n Bond Fusible Light Weight Interfacing.

bikini day 13

Bikini Day Instructions:

The 5/8” HeatnBond® Lite iron-on adhesive works great to hold fabric together. After pressing the 5/8” adhesive to the fabric following package directions, remove the protective paper and fold over again. Press to hold folded fabric in place and then sew along the edge. The adhesive does not gum up your needle.

bikini day 2

Using the adhesive to sew the strap was just too easy! Press sides in ¼” on long edges. Apply the 5/8” adhesive strip in the middle of the strap on the wrong side of the fabric. Remove protective paper and fold the fabric over. Press using a purple Oliso iron following package directions. You can use any iron, but I love my purple Oliso iron! Once it’s ironed in place, sew along the edge to finish.

bikini day 10

The pattern didn’t call for it, but ironing Heat n Bond Fusible Light Weight Interfacing to the wrong sides of fabric adds a little firmness and helps keep it from being too sheer.

bikini day 6

At one point in the pattern, the directions call for a line to be drawn to ensure the proper placement of the ruffle on the bikini bottom. Instead of trying to wrestle with the ruffle and pins while sewing it in place, apply a thin line of Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Adhesive on the drawn line and press the fabric in place. Allow to dry before sewing.

bikini day 3

The Fabric Fuse dries quickly and holds the fabric in place while sewing it. I love how easy it is!

bikini day 4

Sewing and finishing this cute little bikini using Aurifil’s 50 weight thread in red (2250) and green (1147) was wonderful because the colors were perfect for the fabric. That little ruffle on the bottom bikini is so sweet!

bikini day 7

Just a bikini history note: Due to a fabric shortage in 1943, two-piece swimsuits without the usual skirt panel and other excess material started appearing in the United States when the government ordered a 10% reduction in the fabric used in woman’s swimwear.

This child’s bikini didn’t take much fabric at all.

bikini day 14

Have fun wearing your bikini today and remember that you’re doing your part to save fabric just in case there is ever a shortage (hopefully, that will be NEVER!)

1 Comment on Let’s Make a Bikini For National Bikini Day

  1. Sherry
    July 6, 2017 at 5:25 pm (4 years ago)

    Carol this is the cutest bikini and using the ThermOWeb products really does make the sewing easier annd less pinning. Please never let there be a fabric shortage America! I am so not wearing a bikini or anything smaller. LOL