Kids Holiday Craft with a Touch of Deco Foil

With a Touch of Sparkle
by Heather Collins

Dealing with a sick kid is never easy.  Trying to balance getting them better, keeping them hydrated, and giving them something to do is never easy.  Add to that when you, the Mom are sick brings things to a whole another level.  To raise my kid’s spirits I let them play with my crafts from time to time, they love it!  This them feel special and makes them get better faster, at least that is what I feel.  

To start this project let your kid paint the figure however they want to.  Trust me later you will look back and remember the joy it gave them, even if it isn’t how you expected it to turn out.  (ceramic paint will dry fastest.) 


After the paint dries, give them some Gina K Designs Terrific Tape 1/4″ and Small Zots Clear Adhesive Dots and let them add them to the figurine where they want to add some foil accents.



With just the pressure of their finger, they can lay the foil to the sticky part and rub, the shiny side up.  Done!  You have a project that was totally easy and doesn’t take a lot to do.  And even lifts spirits at the same time!

Products Used:

Ceramic Figure

Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets, Gold Static and Red Static

Gina K Designs Terrific Tape 1/4″

Zots Clear Adhesive Dots Roll 300 count, Small



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