Hello Thermoweb Friends, I am Molly from SewWrongSewRight.blogspot.com, and I am so excited to share with you the fun I have had playing with the Modern Eclectic collection for Blend fabrics as well as my favorite thermoweb product of all time- Heat N Bond® Lite.

When I was given this lovely collection to play with I instantly had an overwhelming amount of ideas with what to do with the pretty fabrics.  Too many ideas can be a real frustration, especially when a deadline is approaching…. so I decided to abandon them all and just have fun with it.  It was a Sunday and I had had a very stressful week- I needed some relaxing sewing, not anything to fussy or stressful.  I decided to play with one of my new favorite techniques for improvasational quilt blocks.

This technique allows you to cut several blocks at one time, and has no matching seams to fuss over- and leaves you with a very modern abstract quilt that is different every time.  I very much enjoy this type of quilting, I find it very relaxing, and I am hoping you will all give it a try and see how fun and easy it can be.  It was so fun and easy that I made 3 36″square quilt tops in just a few hours.  Now that is a lot of quilt tops in a very short amount of time.  I have a special purpose for these quilt tops and will be sharing more about them on my blog in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back and see what they will become.  I will give you a hint in the very last picture of what their future might entail… meanwhile- I hope you enjoy learning how I made these very simple quilt blocks, and of course I had to personalize my quilts with a custom applique block- with an initial in each quilt.  So much fun!

First pick 3 fabrics you want to work with, anything your heart desires will work- from solids to prints, high contrast to low contrast- there are no rules!
Here I have divided the 9 fabrics I was given into 3 piles each with 3 different prints- each pile will be it’s own quilt top.
Cut your 3 fabrics into a square- I cut a 14×14 square- as I desired a 12.5×12.5″ block when finished, and I like to have room to trim up my edges. Then place your ruler randomly on the square somewhere- don’t think to hard just do it- and cut!
Once you have made your first cut, move one stack out of the way (this will remain as it is) and then with the other stack do another random ruler placement and cut again. You should now have 3 pieces.
Here are my 3 pieces all cut.
Here is another block set with another 3 pieces- just so you can see now each block set will be totally unique.
Now lay out all three blocks with one fabric in each block and so on- so you have 3 blocks with the same cuts but different fabric placement.
Here you see another block with the same technique but 3 different fabrics from the collection.
This is the third combination of fabrics for the third quilt top.
I chose to do a solid block in the center of each of the 9 patch quilts I was making with an applique initial- I fused Heat N Bond Lite to the back of one of the prints I was using and then free hand cut the letter out. You could of course trace a letter or use a stencil if you are uncomfortable free hand cutting one out.
Here are my 3 initials for the 3 quilt tops I was making.
And here are my center blocks all appliqued- I will sew down the applique with free motion quilting when I quilt the quilt tops.
and here is one of the three finished tops- all abstract and random and very modern and fun- I just love how it turned out!
Hint Hint~ 🙂
and the last quilt top- this one had less contrast with the 2 floral prints which really gave it a different look from the other two- but that is what is so fun about this method- the results are unpredictable and it is just plain fun to see what you come up with when making a quilt this way!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these simple yet fun quilt blocks- I can guarantee you it is an addicting method!  Thanks to Blend fabrics for giving me this beautiful collection to play with!

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