Good morning ThermOWeb fans! Suzanna here today to share with you a BRAND NEW product from ThermOWeb – DecoFoil Hot Foil! Hot Foils y’all!!!

Look at all those colors available!! Amazing! And, truly, so easy to use. I’m not a foiling expert by any means but this shiny goodness is easy to cut, transfers cleanly AND is easy to ink over!

HOT Foil Christmas Kitty Scrapbook Layout

Here’s a look at my project created using solid gold foil;

ThermOWeb supplies;

Other Supplies;

Aside from the hot foils, you need a hot foil system, a means by which to heat hot foil plates in order to transfer the foil to your media (ie cardstock, patterned paper, leather, etc). I use a Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System. This needs to be used in conjunction with a die-cutting machine. Turn the machine on, wait for it to warm up then apply your hot foil plate. Push the timer button and wait for it to turn solid green.

While you’re waiting, prep your paper. Paper is an important consideration – trust me on this one! If you are a scrapbooker, as I am, Bazzill or American Crafts cardstock will not foil as well. You need the proper surface to get good results. I use a Neenah 110lb white cardstock and get great results. I use this for hybrid printing as well – got to make it worth the shipping and investment. MORE paper!

Once the bottom green light is solid, you can add your foil. Be sure to place the foil “pretty side down”, ie, the color side, the side with the color you want on your paper, goes face down onto the warmed hot foil plate. Pretty side kisses the plate, that’s how I remember it. Carefully place the 2 shims on top then slide the platform out of the Glimmer system and into your die-cutting machine. You want to shift things as LITTLE as possible. I use Pixie tape to tape my foil to my cardstock/patterned paper in order to minimize the shift.

On the off chance, you do get shift or foil where you don’t want it, I recommend a MONO eraser. They are the best at getting that foil off without pulling up other goodies. Be sure to check out my process/tutorial video below to actually see the process in progress. It’s much easier to observe, in my opinion!

Be sure to check out the process video with a tutorial on how to use these amazing NEW hot foils over on the ThermOWeb YouTube channel or click on the video below! ALSO be sure to check out the release sale – it’s an unbelievable deal!

Thanks for stopping in today!


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