Hello, Ellen here today with two fun cards using the Rina K. Design Neon Flock Transfer Sheets in “Hello Yellow”.

You can use the flock with Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo, Transfer Gel Blanco or with Foam Adhesive. That gives you a ton of opportunities. For example, you can use it with animal, floral, word dies or use it with stencils to create a fun background pattern… Let me show you how I used the flock on these cards.

Using Neon Flock with Foam Adhesive

Not so long time ago, I saw the neon flock poppin’ in from a dark corner. I almost thought it lighted up in the dark. That moment gave me the idea to create a night scene for this blog post.

The easiest way to use these Deco Foil sheets is to so it with Foam Adhesive. Take a piece of Foam Adhesive and place a piece of flock slightly larger than the piece of foam. Stick it with the flocked side on the foam and run it through your die-cutting machine. Next, you peel the flock off. As the last step, you cut the shape that you desire out of the Flocked piece of Foam Adhesive (here you can see an instructional video).

After preparing my night scene I wanted to add a beam of light for the scooter illustration I wanted to add later to the card. The beam of light was created by using a piece of a sunscape stencil and adding the Rina K. Design Neon Glitz Glitter Gel “Hellow Yellow” (the jar on the picture is a tester size, the size of the jar will be bigger when you buy it).

The Rina K. Design “Orange Glow” Neon Enamel and the Deco Foil Flock “Black Velvet” Transfer sheet was added on Foam Adhesive, just like I did the stars and moon.

As a finishing touch, I added sequins with dots from the Zots Roll Bling and a sweet message with Rina K. Foam Tape.

Using Neon Flock with Deco Foil Transfer Gel Blanco

Of course, I needed to make a pink card too, this time I used a stencil to create a neon sun.

First I inked to a rectangular piece with Distress Ink. To add Neon Flock on top, you spray the back of your stencil with Pixy Spray or use Purple Tape to hold your stencil in place. Lay your stencil over the background and spread the Deco Foil Transfer Gel Blanco on to op the background. Let the piece dry. When it’s dry you place the flock (with the flock side down) on the background and push it true your laminator.

I always like to give flock bit color. That was done with Distress Ink. The word happy and the grass was created with the Screaming Green Neon Enamel Transfer Sheet, the Neon Enamel Transfer Sheet and Foam Adhesive.


Rina K. Design Neon Flock Sheets – Hellow Yellow
Rina K. Design Neon Flock Sheets – Screaming Green
Rina K. Design Neon Enamel Transfer Sheets – Screaming Green
Rina K. Design Neon Enamel Transfer Sheets –  Orange Glow
Rina K. Design Glitz Glitter Gel –  Hellow Yellow
Gina K. Design – Foam Tape
Gina K. Design – Adhesive Dot Runner
Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet – Black Velvet
Deco Foil Transfer Gel Blanco
Foam Adhesive
Zots Roll Bling

Small stitched rectangle stackables – Lawn fawn
Scripty Hellow Die – Lawn Fawn
Grassy Border Die – Lawn Fawn
Frame Work Die set – Newton’s Nook Design
Newton Scoots By Stamp & Die set – Newton’s Nook Design
Newton’s Birdhouse Stamp & Die Set – Newton’s Nook Design
Stunscape Stencil – Newton’s Nook Design
Holiday Greetings Dies Set – Newton’s Nook Design
Sky Scene Builder Die Set – Newton’s Nook Design


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