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By starting, thanks to Woman’s World for our Peel-n-Stick mention in a recent holiday decor article:



WOW, and just with a simple straw hat, you’ll be ready to adorn your doors, hallways and so much more with this fun holiday craft.  Great to do with kids or at pre-holiday gatherings.

AND, Peel-n-Stick has so many more uses.  In my experience and time with Therm O Web, I have been very lucky to learn some of the best ways to use this handy adhesive.  My most favorite would have to be it’s most known use:  Applying scout badges or any patch for that matter with NO SEWING.  This is of course before I learned how to sew yet I still use it to apply a new badge from a National or State Park or Monument on my backpack.  Machine washable and dryable!

Then there’s the trusty Peel -n-Stick ‘roll’ in which to use for fixing a hem on pants, jeans, etc as well as using it for ribbon and trims for all of your decor projects.  I have even gone as far as using it to close a stitch on an apron, a softie doll, even a handbag, etc.  It’s a quick fix for that clean, closed appearance.  Still haven’t learned how to do a ‘finishing’ stitch because of it.  I’m a creature of fast and furious so I always turn to my trusty Therm O Web Peel-n-Stick products.

Who knows, you might just be needing to have it on hand to be ready to fix the dress or hem of someone at your holiday party.

Please share with us how you have used Peel-n-Stick in your crafting endeavors as a different and unique way.  I’ll be doing a drawing on this blog post for the best idea….ready, set, GO!

Best wishes for a happy December and enjoy your holiday crafting.

Creative cheers,



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