No foolin’ – it’s April already! Do you have any pranks in the works for today? If you are short on time, the tried and true coin stuck to the floor trick is a good one. To pull this off you need a coin and a Zot. Indoors I think Craft Zots work well, but for outdoors on cement or stone, I’d recommend a 3-D Zot.

Then all you have to do is stick the coin to the floor, or somewhere else it is sure to be spotted, and watch the fun unfold.

If you have a bit more time – and young children to dupe – one of the best April Fool’s jokes I ever played on my kids was the year I announced we were having cupcakes for dinner. “Ha ha mom… very funny… we know you’re just trying to fool us!” my savvy seven-year old said. His younger brothers nodded in agreement. They didn’t believe for one second that I would actually give them cupcakes for dinner. I still smile when I remember the looks on their faces when they came in for dinner and saw these on the table –

(photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine)

I smile even more when I remember the looks on their faces when they took their first bite of the “cupcake” and realized it was actually made of meatloaf with mashed potato frosting. Those sure were good times.

It gets a lot harder to fool teenagers… do you have any practical jokes or something else you have done to celebrate April Fool’s Day? I’d love it if you would share it here or on our Facebook page.

Until next time… don’t take any wooden nickels!

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