I am in love with English Paper Piecing. It’s one of my favorite on-the-go projects and scrap busters. Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy project that requires no sewing machine. Let’s get started. 

Handsewn Hexie Drink Coasters with Basting Spray


Let’s Get Started

Print and cut out the pattern pieces on cardstock. Press your cotton fabric. Trace your hexie pattern piece onto your fabric scraps. You’ll need seven hexies total per coaster. Take one of your cutout fabric hexies and lay right side down. Grab one of your smaller paper hexies. Spray one side of the paper with your Pattern & Stencil Adhesive and line it up in the middle of your fabric. You now have a ¼” seam allowance around all edges. 

We will now be basting our fabric hexie around the cardstock with a few simple hand stitches. Grab your hand sewing needle and thread. Pick up your hexie sandwich with the paper still on top. Fold over one edge of the fabric onto the paper. Take your next side and fold it down as well (finger press the fabric so it stays flush with the edge of the paper and lays flat). Your first fold’s corner should be sandwiched under the second side to have a clean edge. Take your needle and do a few small stitches in the corner to hold the fabrics together. 

Continue the process around each side folding the seam allowance down and adding a few small stitches to hold the fabric in place at each corner. You don’t need to tie the thread off at each corner, just move on to the next. 

Once you have gone all the way around, tie off on the last corner. Repeat with the other six hexies. 

Now that we have all our hexies basted, let’s sew them together. Layout your hexies in a flower shape so you know what you want the end coaster to look like. Take your middle hexie and the top hexie and sandwich them, right sides together. On the top edge take your hand sewing needle and thread and make a small whip stitch. 

Continue making the smallest of stitches all the way across. 

Open up the two hexies you’ve just sewn together. Lay the next hexie with the sides lining up, right sides together, so it is laying over your center hexie. Repeat, whip stitching the length of the sides together.  

Repeat until you have all the hexies sewn on around the outside of your center hexie. 

Now we just need to sew the edges between your outside hexies. Lay the flower flat on your table’s surface, wrong side up. With your needle and thread, use tiny whip stitches to sew the sides together between each of the hexies. Repeat until your flower is complete. 

Next carefully remove the papers from your hexies. Start on the inside edge next to the center flower so you don’t warp the outside edge.

Now grab your felt and the base pattern piece. Trace onto your felt and cut out. 

Grab your Basting Adhesive, your base, and your sewn hexie flower. Spray the back of your flower with the Basting Adhesive and center the flower on top of the base. 

Sew around the perimeter to secure the two pieces together. You can do some hand stitching or use your sewing machine. Tie off and you are finished. Thanks for sewing along!

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  1. Monique
    October 24, 2021 at 2:10 pm (4 days ago)

    This is super cute! I am going to make some sets to give as Christmas gifts….thanks!