With Therm O Web’s Gold Glitter Dust™ Spray, this glittered paper spider adds sparkle to your Halloween décor.  It’s a snap to make with folded paper circles and can be made in any size.

10 2013 Glitter Dust Spider 1revGlitter Dust Paper Spider by Patti Milazzo

Therm O Web Supplies:
Therm O Web Glitter Dust™ – Gold
Therm O Web Mini Runner – Sticky Dot
Therm O Web Zots™ – Small
Therm O Web Zots™ – Medium
Therm O Web Sticky Lines

Other Supplies:
Black cardstock and chenille stems


  1. Cut/punch 16 or more circles to create a full sphere.  For this spider, the body is made with 2” circles and the head with 1” circles.  Fold each circle in half, apply Therm O Web Sticky Dot Mini Runner Adhesive to one half of the circle and adhere to another punch.  Continue doing this until all 16 circles are attached.  Then apply adhesive to the ends to join and complete the sphere.

10 2013 Glitter Dust Spider 2

  1. Once the head and body are complete, attach them using Therm O Web’s Medium Zots™.


    • For a sturdier bond, cut a small (1/8”) dowel to 3” long.  Apply Medium Zots™ to the side of the dowel and insert between the head and body.  Use a Small Zot™ to add a bead or brad to the front opening of the head.
    • To suspend the spider, attach a string to the back opening of the body.
  1. Begin applying layered coats of Therm O Web Gold Glitter Dust™ Spray. Let dry between coats.
    10 2013 Glitter Dust Spider 3
  2. Form legs (3”-4” long) from black chenille stems.  Cut strips of Therm O Web Sticky Lines and apply between the folds on the body of the spider.  Attach the stems and press firmly to sandwich the legs securely.
  1. 10 2013 Glitter Dust Spider 4Apply additional coats of Gold Glitter Dust™ Spray to the legs and body and let dry.

10 2013 Glitter Dust Spider 5revThis glittery spider is now ready to add to your Halloween décor – flower arrangements, pumpkins, fireplace mantles, mirrors, anywhere.  Create many for an invasion of creepy crawlers!

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