It’s time today to get to know one of our very talented fabric designers…meet Amy Warner!

Amy is on our fabric team and we have been fortunate to take her beautiful projects with us to Quilt Market again this year! Be sure to see both of Amy’s projects we’re sharing today on the blog! But for now..let’s get to know more about Amy….

What is your favorite thing to do when not sewing or quilting? I have several things I love to do while not sewing or quilting. I love to spend time with my family.  It really doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as we are doing it together.  We love to be outdoors: camping or fishing.  When we are just hanging out at the house, I keep myself busy with crochet.  Crochet was one of the first hand crafts that I learned.  I absolutely enjoy the time I spend with hook and yarn.


Do you have a favorite project you’ve made?  I have two favorite projects. First is my Not Your Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  I hand pieced the hexagons top, and then hand quilted the whole quilt.  It took me around 3 months to finish. Second is Grandmother laundry.  While completed this, I thought fondly of my grandmother’s laundry always out on the line.  She would have probably laughed at it and said, “Ohh, me!” in her slight southern accent.



Where do you go for inspiration?   I honestly try to stay away from the computer or looking at others work. I want mine to be fresh and unique.  I do however love to go to the local fabric store and let the fabric give me inspiration.  I am very lucky to have a beautiful shop not terribly far from home.  (Which could also be a little dangerous)

Give us your top 3 colors?  My top three colors are aqua, navy, and sea green.  Aqua is my favorite.  My living room is even painted that color. 

Best or favorite dessert you make or love to eat? My favorite dessert is pecan pie which I only get during Thanksgiving time or my daughter’s dark chocolate chip cookies.

If you could go anywhere (with unlimited funds) where would that be?  I would love to travel all 50 states with my kids and hubby in a RV, so that we could stop at any points of interests along the way.  What an adventure that would be!


Book reader? Movie watcher?  I would like to say a little of both, but I fail to do either much.  That would take up all of my sewing time.

And what is your favorite book or movie?  I love to watch Nacho Libre with the kids because we all laugh so much.  However, we bought the first season of Poldark and I am hooked.  The second season is now on PBS, and it is an hour a week that is so worth watching.

Tell us about your family? I have been married for almost 20 years.  I have two children that I devote my life raising.  They always seem to keep our lives interesting. 

Favorite time of the year?  It is hard to pick just one because I love spring when all my flowers are poking out of the ground.  Summer when it is so nice and warm.  Fall is so beautiful with all of the colors.  Winter, well, I like the least.  Cold and snow is just not my thing. 

And describe your Christmas tree or trees? Collectibles? Handmade? Bright colorful? Christmas is my favorite holiday.  We love to decorate our house inside and out.  I am not so sure how much we will be able to put up this year with our dog.  He is a little over a year old and I am hopeful that he won’t try to knock down anything.  We can always put our energy towards lighting the outside with lights and wooden yard art that we have all completed together as a family.  Of course, our tree is quite colorful.  I never realized how much I loved to play with color until I started quilting.



Do you collect anything?  I can’t say that I collect one thing except for maybe collecting different types of flowers in our yard.  I enjoy my garden immensely and take great joy in all the different types of flowers that grow in it.


Last project you finished? The last project I finished was for Thermoweb.  It was my Give Thanks circular table mat.  I also have a block of the month on my blog that I enjoy completing and sharing with my followers.


And we have a second project of Amy’s on the blog today that she made for us for our Quilt Market Booth…be sure to take a moment today to see both of Amy’s beautiful projects!


2 Comments on Get To Know Designer – Amy Warner

  1. Pat
    November 2, 2016 at 5:21 pm (6 years ago)

    I love Amy’s designs! Amy is so incredibly talented. I really enjoyed getting to know her better. Thanks for the interesting read and great photos … 🙂

  2. Carol S.
    November 2, 2016 at 10:23 pm (6 years ago)

    I loved reading this about Amy. She inspires me with her creations, makes me laugh, and rocks with everything she does!