It’s time to get to know one of our talented designers and up today…Amanda Niederhauser or as many of you may follow her blog… Jedi Craft Girl!

Amanda Niederhauser

We’ve been fortunate to have Amanda design for us for several years now. Her projects always continue to amaze us and we wish we had her collection of beautiful quilts and pillows! We asked Amanda to share a bit of her with all of you!

Amanda Pillow

Tell us your favorite things to do when not crafting: I love to bake, play with Mufasa, and spend time with my family. I also love rearranging the furniture.

What would be your all time favorite craft/quilt project: It’s for sure a quilt and it’s really hard to pick a favorite. I think my favorite quilt is always the one I’m currently working on 🙂

Amanda SnowGlobe Jar QuiltWhere do you go for inspiration: I go running. By the end of my run my head is full of ideas!!

Give us your top 3 colors: Navy Blue, Aqua, gray (oh my, I’m sitting here in a navy shirt, aqua skirt and gray flip flops – that’s so funny!!)

Best or favorite dessert: My Chocolate Sheet Cake – I bet it’s better than yours!! I have a few secret tips to make it amazing!!

Absolute dream vacation/trip: I think I just went on it – I spent 3 weeks on the East coast with my kids – learning about History, sightseeing and being together!

What are you.. book reader/movie watcher: Movie Watcher

Any celebrity crushes you would care to share: Totally! Captain America (Chris Evans) and 007 (Daniel Craig) and lets toss Thor into the mix!

If you could what would be your favorite room to hang out in your home: the family room – that’s where all the fun is!

What is your favorite holiday: I love the 4th of July – I love Summer!!!!

Amanda Niederhauser 4th of July Deco Foil Banner Garland

Tell us about your family – I have been married to my ski instructor for 22 years – we have 3 children: Ella, Ryan, and Sally. We also have a super spoiled kitty named Mufasa who really runs things.

pixie noel quilt 5

Quick…name the last movie you watched? the latest Hallmark movie. My daughter Sally, age 8, and I watch all the cheesy romantic Hallmark movies together! No one else will watch them with us!!

How many quilts have you made? I haven’t kept track, but over the past 18 years I’m sure its in the 200s

If you were a flower, which one would you be? Ranunculus, because they have so many beautiful layers. That’s how my personality is – many layers!!



We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the very talented designer Miss Amanda Niederhauser! To see more of her projects she has created click here!