I love making mini quilts! There is just something so satisfying about starting and finishing a quilt in a few hours or over a weekend. This mini quilt is full of yummy applique fruit and makes for a quick and easy project. The pattern includes the heart-shaped seeds and lemon block along with links to the other fruit patterns you will need. Are you ready to get your fruit salad made?

Fruit Salad Mini Quilt with HeatnBond EZ Print Sheets


Pattern Pieces- You can find the Lemon shapes as well as the heart seeds and shines HERE. The watermelon, apple and cherry patterns can be found in their respective blog posts. *I only printed one of the apple pattern pages.

Fabric- I am using Lemonade Sundae fabric by Leonie Bateman for Penny Rose Fabrics. You will need various large scraps for the fruit shapes and borders as well as 2/3 yard for the main background piece on the front, 1 yard for backing and 1/4 yard for binding.

HeatnBond EZ-Print Sheets in Lite or Featherweight
StitchnSew Sew-in Fleece
SpraynBond Basting Spray

thread- I used Aurifil thread color 2024 in 50 weight

Sewing supplies- machine, scissors


Cut 1- 21″ X 21″ piece from your main background fabric for the front of the quilt

Cut 24- 4 1/2″ squares from various fabrics for the borders

Prepare your Applique

Fruit Salad Mini Quilt Instructions with HeatnBond EZ Print Sheets:

Print all of your pattern pieces onto the HeatnBond EZ print sheets. Cut around the pattern pieces leaving a margin of the paper. Press the pattern pieces onto the wrong side of the desired fabrics. Cut out the pattern pieces. Remove the paper backing before adhering the pattern pieces in place on the project.

*I cut the cherry stems in half to create thinner stems, I also did not cut out the shine or seeds on any of the other patterns, using the hearts on the lemon pattern instead.TooltipText

Once you have prepared all your applique pieces, arrange them to your liking on the 21″ square of background fabric. I intended to make mine a mini quilt so I have all the fruit facing one direction, but if I were going to use this as a table topper, I would alternate the directions of all the fruit so there isn’t a definite direction to the piece. Fuse the pieces once you are happy with the arrangement.

Use a small zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine to sew around all of the fruit shapes, I used the Aurifil thread here as well.

Trim your center background square to 20 1/2″ square.

Sew your 4 1/2″ squares into 2 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 7. I chose a scrappy order for mine. Press the seams in one direction

Sew the 5 square groups to the bottom and top of your centerpiece. Press the seams away from the center toward the borders. Sew the 7 group borders to the sides of the mini quilt.

To quilt my project I used SpraynBond Basting Spray and StitchnSew Sew-in Fleece. I really like using the basting spray to hold all my layers in place. Quilt your project as desired. Once my project was quilted I decided I wanted the borders to be a bit narrower, so I trimmed the border to 3 1/2″ from the center on all 4 sides. You can just square up your mini quilt if you like. Add binding and you are finished!

I love this project so much- it just might become a regular fixture in my sewing room! Nothing like lovely summer vibes all year round!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you love making your own fruit salad mini quilt!!



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