Hi, friends! I’m Lisa from Stubbornly Crafty back to share another fun project with you. Today we have a fun frog bean bag to whip up. It’s a super quick project that’s also simple enough for kids. I have a seven-year-old little girl who is always asking for a project to do. This frog can be made without a sewing machine, too. Of course, if they are really little, some glue instead of hand-stitches will do the trick for his (or her!) face. I’ll be showing the machine-sewn way, but there are other options if you, too, have a little crafter.

Fabric Frog Bean Bags

frog supply list


frog bean bag pattern

Fabric Frog Bean Bag Instructions

Grab all of your supplies. Print and cut out your pattern. Use your Pattern & Stencil Adhesive to adhere your pattern to your fabrics to make them easier to cut out. Fleece moves on you. Cut out two of each piece except the mouth. You’ll only need one mouth.

frog bean bag face pieces

Once your pieces are cut out take one face and the mouthpiece. Use the Basting Adhesive, spray the back of your mouth, and adhere it in place along the bottom of the frog’s face.

attach frog bean bag pieces

Topstitch along the top of the mouth. I prefer a zig-zag stitch.

frog bean bag eye placement

Next, take your eyes. Layer them with the whites below the pupils adhering to the layers with the basting spray. Adhere in place on your frog’s face.

sew frog bean bag eyes

Topstitch around the perimeter of the pupil.

tie off frog eye stitches

Pull your threads to the back to tie off instead of backstitching for a cleaner look.

frog bean bag nose placement

Ok, now grab your needle and thread. Use scissors to cut little marks over your pattern’s nose holes. Use a pencil, Frixion pen, or pin the pattern to your face to find the placement of the nose holes on your frog’s face.

frog bean bag stitch nose

Use your needle and thread to stitch a few stitches for each one and tie off in the back.

pin frog front

Grab the back to your frog’s face and pin it to the top of your frog, the wrong sides together. We will not be turning our frog right side out. The edges are raw but will not fray. The vertical pin is where I’ll leave my opening for filling.

fill hole in frog for beans

Topstitch around your frog’s face leaving a small opening for stuffing. Finally, stuff your frog. If using rice I recommend using a funnel. Mine took approximately 1.5 cups to fill. Once your frog is stuffed sew your opening closed and clip your tails.

That’s it! You are done and have a fun little froggy for your littles to throw around and love.

finished frog bean bags